I am an active industry professional with a keen eye for minute detail who has the ability to break a script down to its individual elements, without losing sight of the “Bigger Picture,” in order to evaluate overall effectiveness and perceived commercial success. In my role as a Story Analyst, I  provide producers, directors, and financiers with  comprehensive, objective opinions on the viability of submitted projects. My insight has been, and continues to be utilized by high-profile, theatrically released projects, as well as those that are currently in development. I also frequently serve as a judge for an annual international screenplay competition.


Mission: Provide screenwriters with comprehensive, objective feedback to help foster continued growth in the development process.


What To Expect:


  1. Customized, in-depth analysis relied upon by industry insiders delivered in a timely manner (typically 2-3 weeks), which will help foster creative growth and improve the diegetic integrity of the material. 
  2. Cited examples within the document that illustrate both its strengths and deficiencies, as well as techniques that could prove useful to the material’s overall effectiveness.