One of the hardest things you'll ever face as a screenwriter is how to take a 110-page script that you've spent anywhere from a couple of months to over a decade writing, only to have to reduce it to a mere few sentences.

Not only do you have to tell the story well, but you have to figure out which things to leave out. It's a gut-wrenching proposition, there's no question about it.

In this 30-minute pitch coaching session, Melody Jackson will work with you to coach you in developing and delivering a pitch for your script that will make executives want to read it if it's anywhere in the ball park of what they're looking for.

When you finish your coaching session, you will breathe a sigh of relief, as you realize that you're more confident than you expected, and you needed the session a lot more than you knew.

You can also get guidance on what to expect in meetings and tips on the kinds of deals that are made.