Having done script coverage for various production companies and screenwriting contests, and having placed well in numerous contests and being an optioned screenwriter myself, I am embarking on a super writer-friendly script coverage service.


Receiving feedback on your work can be daunting. I, too, would rather go to the dentist, but it’s an important step in taking your script to its best level before you submit to producers. Your friends mean well and it feels good when they tell you they “really like your script,” but serious writers know that isn’t sufficient feedback.

The best time to receive coverage is when you've finished a draft that you're happy with BUT still have an itching feeling that something is missing in the story, character relations, action pacing, etc. It's easy to overlook even the most obvious missing pieces after countless hours of working on a script and being so close to the work.

How it works: Send your script through the ISA submission page, and I will email you a personal confirmation that I received your script. I will also let you know when you will have your coverage returned, which is often within 48 hours. Feel free to email me directly with any questions before you submit your script. If there are any notes that aren't clear in the feedback, you are more than welcome to email me with any questions. I won't just disappear on you :)

Coverage Pricing - CONNECT members will receive an additional $5 off.

$200 for features

$140 for hour pilots
$100 for half hour pilots

$55 for shorts and webisodes

Script Editing:

Bad grammar, punctuation, and improper script formats (shooting vs submitting scripts – there’s a BIG difference!) can easily blemish your script as an amateur script and get it thrown away. Don’t let that happen after months (years?) of perfecting your script. Get it professionally edited if grammar and format are not your strengths.


My rate is $2/page and I will go line-by-line and edit according to grammar standards and industry standards. Email me at kamlukesh@gmail.com to discuss how you’d like to submit your script for professional editing.