When You Submit Your Movie Script To Producers, You Don't Get A Second Chance Make Sure It's Perfect That First TimeScreenplay Review, Coverage, & AnalysisBy Hollywood's "Cream of The Crop" Script Doctor Melody Jackson, Ph.D.

Given that you made it to this page, I'm guessing that you already know something that many screenwriters don't: It is vitally important to make sure that when you take the big step of trying to get a literary agent or trying to sell your screenplay to Hollywood producers that it is the absolute best you can make it. 

One of the biggest mistakes screenwriters make is getting impatient and sending it to Hollywood before they have done the proper amount of work on it -- and then they regret it when they blow a big chance that they had with a producer or agent.

However the great thing is ... since you've come to this page ... you're obviously sharp enough to know that in such a super-competitive market as Hollywood, you have to make your script as good as it can get! 

Do you prefer Oral Interactive feedback or Written or a Combination?

There are three major ways that you can request feedback on your script. Those are: verbal, written, and a combination of the two. After working in-depth with well over 2000 screenwriters, I've learned that some writers learn better from interacting in a conversation with me about their screenplay while others prefer to have written notes that they can review over and over. And still others prefer some combination of the two types of feedback.

If you have a strong preference, that will narrow it down, and if you're not sure, other factors may help you choose.

Current Status Of Your Script

At this point, you could be at any possible place in the development of your script. You might have just begun it and would like help on a script treatment. You might have just finished your first draft or be pretty close. Or you might have already done 2 or 3 drafts, gotten feedback, and now simply want a fresh pair of eyes to read it and give you development notes for a final polish before you go out to the market with it for big splash.

Depending on which of these categories you fall into, that will also help you determine which Script Consultation would be best for you.

Having worked with so many writers since 1992, I know writers come in all shapes and sizes and so do their wallets. I've worked with all types from teenagers to senior citizens, incarcerated types to writers who've made it big.  

Before you try to decide which one is right for you, I want to assure you that you are at the right place and that I guarantee that you will be satsified with the consultation I give you on your script, or I will keep discussing it with you till you are clear you understand how to take it to the next level.