Get Your Script Out To Hollywood Producers, Literary Agents, & Managers

With Hard Copy Query Letter Mailings to a Hand-Picked List For You! 

If you have a completed screenplay, you have spent countless hours writing it and getting it to the stage it's now at. You may have already gone through getting it polished and ready to market. You may have even marketed it already. Wherever you are in the process, if you want to sell your screenplay, you have to get it in front of Hollywood producers and literary agents or managers.

With the Smart Girls Query Letter Service, you first fill out an Information Form on your script and then a Marketing Strategy Form, on which we ask you a variety of questions to guide us in selecting the best list of producers for your from our Black Book Hollywood Customized List.

We use over 75 different elements and categories to come up with the best list of producers for you, along with literary managers or agents if you so desire.

In the end, you will get a set of 100 (or more) letters in your hands with either the addressed envelopes (Deluxe Package) or the address labels (Basic Package) to then send out your letters and market your script.

To support you over the long haul, we also will provide you with 3 custom ebooks to guide you in what to do as you receive requests and then in following up.