A quick and cost-effective way to help get your project firmly and confidently on track.  

This is about the big picture of your story/script and theme, and/or how to talk about it effectively.


You tell me what your script is about, basically give me the "pitch" (although I don't like that word) and I ask follow up questions and give you suggestions that will help you understand your story/theme better and pinpoint weaknesses or things that might enhance your story.


Just from a little conversation I've helped a lot of screenwriters clarify the theme and what seems to be missing, which helps with rewriting and talking about the script with passion.


To read the full script and give you notes generally takes 4-5 hours and I have a package for that, also on ISA called Screenplay Consultation and Coaching. http://www.networkisa.org/my-account/service.php?id=6

Laurie is a professional screenwriter who continues to study the craft while working on her own spec scripts, and on assignment for indie producers.  She combines insights about pitching picked up from working closely with Gary Shusett and her own deep understanding of screenwriting to help you take your own project to the next level.   

Laurie loves helping fellow and sister writers gain new insight and invigorated passion for their own writing.


For more in-depth help - having Laurie read your script and give notes, see Now Write! Screenplay Consultation and Coaching: http://www.networkisa.org/my-account/service.php?id=6