The biggest mistake writers make is submitting scripts to producers, agents, managers and contests before they’re ready.  The key to making sure it’s ready is to get honest, constructive, professional feedback from someone who not only knows how to bring out the best in your writing and story, but also knows what Hollywood wants.


With numerous services available for writers at any level and 10 years of experience, it’s like working with your own personal development exec! The difference is clear – perspective, price, professionalism and personality!


I will point out your script’s strengths, but will focus on its weaknesses and give specific suggestions on how to fix it!


You don’t need a “reader” or some anonymous initials giving you notes. You need someone who has developed, sold, optioned, pitched and polished scripts. And unlike other companies, I don’t farm out your scripts.


And no middle-man means you pay less!


Plus, any script that receives a “Recommend” will be sent to over 65 producers, agents and managers for FREE through the No Bull Hollywood Connection.


No BullScript clients have been sold and optioned, signed to reps and won numerous prestigious contests. Now it’s your turn!


Let me take the BULL out of your scripts and get it ready for Hollywood.