First, what I am not:

  • I am not an agent, a manager, a packageror a b.s.-er
  • I don’t run a screenplay contest or want your script with a $50 dollar entry check.
  • I don’t travel around the country doing hit-and-run weekend seminars, professing to fundamentally help people in four hours or a weekend.
  • I will not be passing your script on to—or making claims to pass your script on to—industry professionals.
  • I will not post your script on my blog for industry pros to option.

Here is what I am, and what I offer at Script Gods Must Die:

  • I am a working screenwriter with multiple writing credits including JANE DOE with Calista Flockhart, and the recently released micro-budget movie CHAT. I have optioned six screenplays. I have been represented by William Morris and Writers & Artists. My scripts have placed in the semifinals at both the Nicholl Fellowship and Slamdance. Four of my plays have been nominated or won Joseph Jefferson awards, and have been published with Dramatic Publishing Company. 25 productions of my scripts have been performed in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.
  • I am a professional screenplay consultant and teacher. Teaching basic and advanced screenwriting at Columbia College for twelve years now, I have professionally critiqued thousands of screenplays.
  • I, personally, will read your script. That’s a Script Gods Must Die promise. I will give you the best line-by-line breakdown of your script I can possibly give.  In the era of the Great Recession, I know how hard is it to spend money on a script consultant.  Let me repeat: I, personally, will read your script and give you comprehensive analysis.
  • When I say “comprehensive analysis,” I mean it. We will need every minute of our three-hour phone consultation to go over my line-by-line, page-by-page notes. If you’re not interested in being challenged, you’ve got the wrong consultant.
  • With an eye toward selling your script, if you haven’t thought out a marketing plan, I will help with your plan for no extra charge.
  • Follow-up consultations will be available.