With over 30 years experience in film development, my detailed analysis and notes will focus on improving your screenplay to help make it ready for today's competitive marketplace. All facets will be addressed, including formatting, character and plot development, dialogue, and commercial potential. 


My Personalized Consultation Service includes 3-4 pages of narrative regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your script, and detailed page-by-page story notes. 

This service includes:

  • A complete review
  • Evaluation/ critique
  • Editing where necessary
  • Identification of formatting issues

A story report cover page rates:

  • the script's premise
  • characters
  • dialogue
  • storyline
  • commercial potential

We can discuss any questions by phone if necessary. Supportive coaching is especially helpful for new writers who are not familiar with the inidustry. Writers definitely benefit from a set of professional eyes on their projects before submitting anywhere. 


Regular Coverage is suggested only for producers or those wishing to get an opinion about a screenplay, without necessarily reading it.


This service includes:

  • a 2-4 page synopsis
  • a page of comments
  • a ratings page

Over the years, I have worked for many successful screenwriters, producers and production companies, including: 

  • Morgan Creek
  • Pandora Entertainment
  • Dick Clark Productions
  • Pathe
  • Alliance
  • Avenue Pictures
  • Pacifica International
  • First Look Pictures
  • Summit
  • Intermedia
  • Columbia Pictures Television
  • RKO
  • Ron Shelton, Oliver Stone, Marty Katz, Ed Pressman, Joel Silver