Jacob Krueger and his consultants will help you identify what is working in your writing, focus on your true intentions for your project, and to figure out a game plan for taking your script to the next level. He will help with structure, theme, character, dialogue, and action, helping you to come up with solutions to road blocks, and perfect what is already strong in your writing.

We will offer advice about marketing your script and building your professional life.

We will help you navigate difficult relationships with producers, and show you how to integrate producorial notes while maintaining the artistic quality of your project.

Whether you are a professional writer looking to perfect a script that you love, or a beginning writer who is just starting out, a private script consultation session gives you an unprecendented level of feedback, and all the resources of an award-winning writer, channeled into your passion project.

Rates vary for each consultant:

  • Jacob Krueger: $450/session, plus $5/page for reading 
  • Jessica Hinds: $300/session, plus $4/page for reading 
  • George Strayton: $300/session, plus $4/page for reading
  • Jerome Perzigian: $250/session, plus $4/page for reading
  • Linda Roberts: $150/session, plus $3.50/page for reading 
We highly recommend scheduling a double session for any script over 60 pages.