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Michael J. Wood Writing Coaching


Make Your Writing Make You A Great Living - With My Help

Get industry-experienced, industry-educated storytelling consulting from me to help your writing make it past the gatekeepers - and give you the career of your dreams.

Your writing career depends on having an industry standout story. Most works read in the entertainment industry do not impress readers enough to earn recommendations. The writers then miss out on the career they would be igniting with a truly standout story.

I want to help you become the exception.

My feedback focuses on looking at your work, finding the areas where you most need improvement, and then teaching you practical writing tools to improve those areas. I teach you from the lessons I gained from world-renowned industry professionals during my time in L.A., and from the lessons I've gained on my journey as a screen & TV writer, coverage writer, production company reader, and screenwriting competition manager in the entertainment industry.

Full Story Review

I review your whole script, up to 130 pages, then deliver technical lessons that will help you reach the next level. We speak in a 60 minute session via Skype, phone, or in-person if you are in the Nashville area, once I have reviewed your story. These notes will be thorough, constructive, and intensive, and will cover your storyline - the most crucial part of your success.

Full Idea Consultation

I review an idea, in outline form, treatment form, or simply sketched out as a synopsis, and then apply my story ideation method to your idea to bring out its potential. This keeps you from wasting tons of time on an idea that may not work. I accept novel, screenplay, or teleplay sketches for this package.

Full Write or Full Re-Write Coaching Package

I coach you all the way through the writing, or re-writing, of your project with personal attention for eight weeks. Here is what you will receive:

* Script review and 45 minutes phone, Skype, or in-person meeting if you are in the Nashville area, for every 15-20 pages, once a week.
* Constant, consistent encouragement and coaching to help you get through the script, and to help you improve exponentially as you go.
* You will be taught the proven scriptwriting process I learned from seasoned, renowned industry professionals in Hollywood.
* You will receive a full, comprehensive three page type-out at the end of the 8 weeks that serves as "coverage" for the script, with suggestions about where to go with any future polishes. (This is formatted the same way that I do professional coverage).

Here's what other customers are saying:

"I wanted to share that your advice hit home. After our call, I kept thinking about tension and how to apply it to my script. Honestly, there was real value in your advice for me, as I am applying it to other scripts as well."

- Taylor Albertson, screenwriter

"Michael Wood looked at my script and knew exactly what I needed to add - mounting tension - and where and how. He was exactly right! I've asked a lot of people to read my script and comment, and Michael was the one who nailed it."

- Amy Eskind, filmmaker/screenwriter

"It was a pleasure speaking with you. I can tell you've made my script better and better."

- Shannon Davies, screen/TV writer and novelist

"Using this consultation service has given me insight into my script and my writing that would have otherwise been unattainable to me. Michael was truly invested in making sure that I had the tools to take my writing to another level. I look forward to utilizing his services again."

- Koffi St. Cyr, screenwriter

Your service also includes:

* Taking my "What's Your Story" Test for marketable story ideas based on your personal character and life experience

* Samples from my eBook, The Popular Writer's Code, which teaches you how to write a commercially phenomenal story.

* Excerpts from my blogs on storytelling, to help you reach breakthroughs in your work.

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