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Narrative First


Working with us here at Narrative First is likeworking with ushere at Narrative First.It is more a collaboration than a consultation.Once we determined that we were writing our client’s projects with them rather than simply making suggestions as to the best approach—that’s when things began to turn around for us. And our clients.

Moving beyond the basics of simple structural plot points or mythical journeys, The Dramatica® Guru Service seeks to aid the writer or producer in crafting acompletestory—one that is both satisfying and emotionally fulfilling. We have had great success working with executive producers, screenwriters, and directors in helping them write the storytheywant to write—not a story that fits a list of prescribed beats. We look forward to sharing the same success with you.

The first month of our service is completely FREE.This gives you a chance to test us out and experience for yourself—risk free—exactly the kind of narrative guidance you can expect. We believe our service is unique and we enjoy personalizing it for every client we work with. This first month allows us the opportunity to get to know one another, make sure we are a good fit, and provide a solid foundation for working together to improve your story.

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Narrative First

**A great story is the key to success** in any screenplay, film, or book.


At Narrative First we have a unique understanding of story that removes human error from the process and highlights areas within the narrative where you could have failure. Combining predictive analytics with the art & craft of writing, we can help you plug those story holes and develop memorable and deeply meaningful stories.


Our work:


- Little to no notes from executives

- Strong relatable characters

- Unique failure analysis of story


Our sense of story combined with a unique patented technology known as Dramatica® separates us from everyone else. No one else offers the same breadth of insight you need to elevate your story above the pack.


Skills: story structure, story development, Dramatica®, creative writing, predictive analytics, writing