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Pitch Your Screenplay Coaching


One of the hardest things you'll ever face as a screenwriter is how to take a 110-page script that you've spent anywhere from a couple of months to over a decade writing, only to have to reduce it to a mere few sentences.

Not only do you have to tell the story well, but you have to figure out which things to leave out. It's a gut-wrenching proposition, there's no question about it.

In this 30-minute pitch coaching session, Melody Jackson will work with you to coach you in developing and delivering a pitch for your script that will make executives want to read it if it's anywhere in the ball park of what they're looking for.

When you finish your coaching session, you will breathe a sigh of relief, as you realize that you're more confident than you expected, and you needed the session a lot more than you knew.

You can also get guidance on what to expect in meetings and tips on the kinds of deals that are made.

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Melody Jackson

Smart Girls Productions is a full-service marketing and consulting firm for actors and screenwriters founded by Dr. Melody Jackson.

Our mission is to facilitate marketing for actors and screenwriters to make their dreams more tangible.

We specialize in working one-on-one with our clients to market them to Hollywood. We give them personal attention so we can identify and highlight their most marketable assets to move their careers forward.

We work with you to assess where you are and how to build on what you have already accomplished. We then identify the best marketing strategies and services to move you to the next level.

While we find strategic planning is important, our services are very much about getting the word out on the street through tangible marketing efforts.

We review your screenplay and make recommendations on how to improve it for the market. Once your script is ready, we help you get the word out by creating query letter mailings, email query blasts, one-sheets, and a great pitch.

Whether you want to work with us for all the steps in your career and a marketing campaign or just want us to assist you with one specific servic or promotion, we look forward to assisting you in your dreams. While we love working with you over time in helping you pursue your career, we are happy to support you in any aspect in which we may be of service.

Review our website and be sure to get some of our Free material on marketing. We are excited to begin a relationship with you. If you are ready to get started working together, you can reach us during business hours at 818.907.6511.

"People who pursue a career in Hollywood are big dreamers. It's an enormous dream with fewer and fewer spots as you move up the ladder. My drive is to empower actors and screenwriters to not be victims but to truly know deep inside that they have to drive their careers. It's not just luck.

"You have to take massive action to make big things happen. I want to educate them on what to do and to faciliate some aspects of what they need to do. No victims and feeling sorry for yourself because Hollywood is so hard. No getting down and staying down. Get back up and make it happen. Period. Let's do it."

Melody Jackson, Ph.D.

Want the down and dirty story of how Melody really got started? Here it is.

Smart Girls Productions

Some of our most popular marketing services for Screenwriters are:

Be sure to pick up our Free Report on "21 Ways To Make Your Script More Commercial" at

We would love to stay connected with you and help you in getting your script ready and out to Hollywood or in finding you work as a Hollywood writer-for-hire!