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Unlimited Script Mentoring


Every Screenplay I have written has either been produced or optioned.This is due to a style of screenwriting calledThe Visual Mindscape.’It's thismethod has made this level of successpossible and it can work for you as well.

Simply put, I know how to make your script reach its fullest potential and become as marketable as it can be -as marketable as mine have been.

In the past year or so, four feature screenplays that I have mentored have gone on to be produced. A list is available on request.

In my Mentoring process, I will approach your script from three different perspectives listed below. Pay special notice to ‘The Specifics' section, as this is where most screenplays run into trouble. It is in "The Specifics" that your relationship with the reader is sealed or lost.


This includes establishing a tight, present moment narrative, exploring the visual expressions of your story, seeking the proper pacing and prose of your narrative with each scene and seek out the natural pulse of your dialogue.


This includes the overall structure and layout of the story as well as the progressive development of the storyline and the characters.


How one tells their story is just as important as what the story is about. Storytelling goes beyond the specific and the overall and deals with how to reveal and withhold clues as well as establishing a firm atmosphere throughout the story.

‘Unlimited' Script Mentoring means that there is no limit to the number of one-on-one sessions between us either by phone, skype or in person. I will work with you on your script as long as necessary to complete a full draft of your screenplay; from concept to first draft or from draft to polish and you only pay one flat fee.

Creative Screenwriting Magazine listed me among the top 10% of Script Consultants in the country with clients in thirty countries worldwide.

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