Our mission is simple. Help every writer tell their stories brilliantly.

The ISA was founded by independent filmmakers who understand that there are many different roads to success. We believe that everyone, from all walks of life, have stories to tell, each with a unique perspective and style. Our goal is to help you grow as a storyteller by honing your individual talent, sharpening your distinct voice, then guiding you to breakthrough to the biz. From working writers, hobbyists and enthusiasts alike, we want to inspire you to believe in yourself and encourage you to become the most authentic storyteller you can be.

Our focus starts with expert advice, mentors, classes, contests, feedback and more to help you develop and build up your profile. Then we give you the tools to showcase your accomplishments and get the attention of producers, directors, agents and other industry pros looking to option work. There are no limits to what you can accomplish with the ISA. Keep writing, growing and use every tool we have to offer. You'll find your unique path to success, and we'll help you get there.

You don't make a movie by yourself; you certainly don't make a TV show by yourself. You invest people in their work.

-Vince Gilligan

Start writing and the rest will follow. The ISA is here to help you do just that.


Craig James Pietrowiak - Founder

Craig is an award winning writer, director and producer whose short film projects, Contract Killers (2003) and Karma Cafe (2006), won acclaim both nationally and in his native city, Chicago, IL. and led him to signing with a manager in Los Angeles. His pilot Wrigleyville was then hip-pocketed by a major agency in Hollywood and was close to being picked up when the Writer's Strike hit. Shortly after, he founded the ISA while he continued to write and produce titles. Craig's recent focus has been on the expansion of the ISA and growth of its international membership, as well as his filmmaking and acting career.

Molly Kasch - Director of Operations

Molly oversees staff, programs, marketing, events and partnerships for the ISA. A Babson College grad in Marketing/Communications and Entrepreneurial Studies, her business background spans restaurants, beauty products, consumer games and the entertainment industry. Molly is an award-winning producer whose work includes documentary film, short films, and a television pilot, and an actor who started in Chicago theatre before moving to film and television in Los Angeles.

Max Timm - Director of Community Outreach

A Wisconsin native and Columbia College Chicago grad, Max was brought on to the ISA team after six years as the Director of Development at Writers Boot Camp. His primary focus with the ISA is "writer-first", and spearheads the mission of bringing ISA writers closer to the ISA Industry Professionals. With a concentration on creative customer service and support, Max is playing a hands-on role of helping writers bridge the gaps in their careers. In addition to being a consultant, screenwriting instructor, and creative executive, Max is also a screenwriter and author, having signed a three-book publishing deal for his LA Book Festival-winning fantasy, THE WISHKEEPER. The first book released in June of 2016, with the following two set to release in 2017 and 2018. A Young Adult adventure about a rebellious fairy with broken wings, THE WISHKEEPER has received praise from all ages including critical acclaim from The Midwest Book Review and the well-established, Kirkus Book Review. Learn more about Max and his book at www.wishkeeperbook.com.

Ayla Rose Barreau - Creative Director

Ayla oversees all creative, including marketing and advertising, and runs the screenplay competitions and fellowships. Having been a part of the team when it was only two team members, she is excited to witness and be a part of the continued growth of the ISA, helping artists succeed in their passions as the ultimate goal. Ayla is also a theatre-trained SAG-AFTRA actress. Some of her credits include co-stars on Fox's Glee and NBC's Heroes, along with leads in many Classical and Contemporary theatre productions.

Felicity Wren - Director of Development

Felicity is the Director of Development for the ISA working extensively with ISA Contest Winning writers, and ISACONNECT members and their screenplays before making introductions to industry professionals to further their careers with the ISA Development Program. She also organizes the Table Read My Screenplay events in Hollywood, London, Austin and Park City. Felicity has a Masters Degree in Theatre and Acting. She is proud to have worked extensively in theatre and film in the UK, before the move to California where she still performs, and now produces comedy with her production company Dangerously Funny Productions.

James McCarthy - Director of Social Media

James is a digital content producer, manager, and analyst directing the ISA's social media operations across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Periscope. Previously, he worked for Rhino Internet Solutions on web site development projects for clients including The Dial Corp., Del Webb Homes, and Major League Baseball's Arizona Diamondbacks. James has a bachelor's degree in Dramatic Arts from U.C. Santa Barbara. His volunteer activities have included serving as the 2015 Program Director for the San Pedro International Film Festival and acting as a Docent for the Friends of the Los Angeles River.

The ISA started back in 2008 because as a screenwriter myself, I felt that resources and links for our profession were too scattered across different websites, newsletters, listing services, and so on. It was an exhausting 'game' to have to stay on top of every new podcast, writing job, contest or class that popped up in some corner of the screenwriting world, and it just made sense to create a single, complete source for everything so that writers could focus on their writing.

It's taken a few iterations and a major relaunch, but the ISA website today is exactly as I had envisioned back when we started - comprehensive, easy to navigate, and most importantly, dedicated to those emerging writers who have the commitment and self-discipline to continually sharpen their craft.

If there's one thing we've learned from the growth of the ISA over the past few years, it's that being willing and eager to learn from others is a necessary component to every successful career, but sometimes gets sidelined by deadlines, shifting priorities, and even conceit. Our amazing team goes to great lengths every day to make sure this site provides every possible resource to help you realize your potential as a screenwriter, and if you're serious about being discovered, this site will completely support you in your efforts. We urge you to learn from the success stories we've gathered, watch featured writer interviews, and see what your peers in the industry are doing.

Too many amazing screenwriters get discouraged early in their careers because they either underestimate the amount of diligence needed to make it, or they lack the support and information they need to get their writing into the hands of the right producer. It's my hope that the ISA changes that, by both housing nearly every resource you might need but also encouraging you to stay the course.

Let's face it - screenwriters can be demigods one moment and old news the next. It's a tough reality but you really are only as good as your last script. But by the same token, I think the prospect of every new day being the one where you get discovered is what makes this industry exciting and appealing to us creatives.

Keep your talents sharp and steer the course of your career. The more proactive you are, the more the ISA will help propel you to where you want to be.

Craig James Pietrowiak