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Why The Crocodile Dundee Super Bowl Ad Made An Impact

Are They Really Remaking Crocodile Dundee? No, but the Super Bowl ad was pretty fun! For all of you out there who are Eagles fans, I send you a happy congratulations on your Super Bowl win. Being a fan of the Chicago Cubs, I know how difficult it...
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Desperation, Dread, & Determination

I call them the triple D’s of screenwriting. Dread. Every screenwriter experiences this eventually. You get to a place where it feels like it’s all over. You’ll never get that agent. The manager will never call you back. Will...
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The Mysterious Development of Your Villain

The Mysterious Development of Your Villain(an excerpt from Max Timm's online class, The Craft Course)In this week's lesson, we will be focusing on how the other characters in your story - namely the Secondary Character and The Villain/Rival - will...
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Max Timm's Book on The Craft of Screenwriting - Sneak Peek

This is a sneak peek into the introduction of Max Timm's debut book on screenwriting, (Not Just) Another Book on The Craft of Screenwriting. Max Timm, the Co-Head of the ISA Development Program, creator of the ISA’s 30-Day Screenwriting...
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An Introduction to Max Timm's The Craft Course Online Class

You are getting a little view into how the online course that Max Timm created for the ISA works and is presented. In order to take advantage of the full online course, you must go to www.TheCraftCourse.com and select one of the class options. If...
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