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Why The Crocodile Dundee Super Bowl Ad Made An Impact

Are They Really Remaking Crocodile Dundee? No, but the Super Bowl ad was pretty fun! For all of you out there who are Eagles fans, I send you a happy congratulations on your Super Bowl win. Being a fan of the Chicago Cubs, I know how difficult it...
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Alphabet Guide for Threading the Hollywood Maze

Agents are only as good as their clients. Buñuel’s dream vision is the ideal screenplay paradigm. C. G. Jung’s theory of synchronicity is true for seeking stories. Don’t submit synopses. Like babies, they are...
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Dedication, Discipline & Cultivating Self-Worth in 2018 with The Story Farm

It's A New Year - So What?This is part of a weekly email series delivered to The Story Farm email list by the ISA's Max Timm. If you would like to join the email list and receive inspiring messages and upcoming offers from Max and The Story Farm,...
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Scaring Up Funds: How to Acquire Investors When Your Movie’s in Horror

Scaring Up Funds: How to Acquire Investors When Your Movie’s in Horror, the Most Profitable Genre of Them AllBy Brian Herskowitz and Tony Timpone on November 14, 2017There are a few paths you can take to finding investors for your movie:Friends,...
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Why A Good Script is Even Better When it "Infects" People

Your script doesn't just need to be good; it needs to be able to infect. Let me explain. If you buck the odds and get just one person to read your script, it's not likely going to help you. Unless that person who read your script is inspired by your...
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Interview with Bestselling Author and Screenwriter Dougie Brimson

"I never actually set out to be a writer at all, it just kind of happened. Indeed, it's fair to say that even after three award winning feature films and 750,000 book sales, I spend most days waiting for the literary police to bang on my door and...
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Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

 Dr. Linda Seger, author of Making a Good Script Great and 8 other books on screenwriting discusses how to set yourself up as a writer so that there is ALWAYS something to write about !   Writers vary in terms of how many ideas...
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