Chronicles of my hats: Why Chaplin?

By Zul Yanille • April 16, 2018

“One day, tired of being professionally frustrated and inspired by the great Charlie Chaplin, I decided to start writing about my different hats in life. So besides my frustrations, failures, achievements, and complicated moments; I believe someday I can reach my final goal…Be a writer.
This journal is about findings in life, people and places that capture my attention and made a difference in creativity, diversity, style, performances, history and freedom. It’s a mixed of emotions about happiness and justice, otherwise circumstances. For me, being creative brings me happiness, but also a mindset to make something different, good and a social impact. When you have a reason, you organize yourself and define your goals…then the inspiration come with a great smile. You feel free doing what you want! As the great Charlie Chaplin said: “A day without laughter is a day wasted”.
Charles Chaplin…was a screenwriter, director, actor, composer and editor. Besides his childhood in London was one of poverty and adversity, his way of work succeed in originality and unorthodox style with a great collective sense. To be successful, everyone has to be there. At this time, for me, start again is something usual that enforced me to take advantage and not beat me, now is the time to be more nurturing about my surroundings and myself… Really everything counts!
I am not going to tell you that sometimes are depressing, frustrate and make me think that I am not good enough. However, the first step to remove negative thoughts is asked of you – is this me? My immediate response is: Nope! And repeat again:-I am a woman of Faith! I am… a producer, strategist, writer, mom, daughter, friend, spouse, outdoor woman, humanitarian, sports coach…what I can’t do!
Chaplin said: “Imagination does not mean anything without doing“ so let blend the whole thing. The Chronicles of my hats is my personal blog about my different hats in life and how my mind resets to overcome each position. Let see how is my journey!

Zul Yanille

Daughter of a great Puerto Rican comedian and a psychologist's mother (who was actress too in her 20s)… you can imagine a little drama and sense of humor running through my veins. Thanks to the sports, I expanded my abilities to be a competitive, disciplined and responsible person. Over 15 years in advertising, production, public relations and social media, for the profit and non-profit sector, learned to be a fast multitask speaker in the craziness of the advertising field. I have acquired skills in conflict resolution, conceptual mapping and moving people to work together....