Success Stories

Winning the Fast-Track Fellowship completely and immediately changed my life. Not only did I gain affirmation and access to the industry, I was offered representation before I even landed in L.A. for the fellowship itself. Without winning, I may have never moved to Los Angeles. Now, two years later, I'm on the west coast, I'm with 3 Arts, I've taken dozens of generals, and we're about to go out with a kick-ass pilot for a limited series that's based on an incredible true story. All of my success up to now can, in some way, be connected back to winning that fellowship. It changed everything.

~ Sean Collins-Smith
Since being named Fast Track Fellow I've got representation, been hired to rewrite two features Once Upon A Time in Africa and Be A Good Boy. I have also been hired by Gaumont TV to develop a TV show, The White Rhino. More to come but that is what's been signed.

~ Peres Owino
Since the Fast Track Fellowship I signed with a manager, Matt Prater at Citizen Skull Productions (CSP) who are super pro-active and all about getting their clients out there and noticed.  Working with CSP,  we’ve come up with a strategy on getting my Fast Track Fellowship winning script TUNDRA KILL out to production companies and have attached a director to my contained horror script THE PIT, which has already garnered interest from a production entity well known in the horror field.  All of this happened within the last month, I can’t wait to see what next month brings.

~ Kevin Bachar
Since the Fast Track I wrote and directed a feature film which is now on Amazon Prime. And right now I have a producer and a horror director tied to Hurricane Party and so am attempting a much needed rewrite. The Fast Track win gave me quite the boost in confidence, so I’m forever grateful.

~ Ned Farr
Living outside of LA, the Fast Track Fellowship has allowed me incredible access and opportunity, not only making valuable industry connections, but providing me with encouragement and support. Since being chosen as a Fast Track Fellow, I’ve been focused on continuing to grow my body of writing, writing screenwriting how-to blogs, and working on my goal to finally make the move out to LA. Being a fellow helped to imbue me with a sense of confidence to explore and write scripts about the subjects that I care deeply about, and has really encouraged me to be who I am as a writer. I know being selected as a Fast Track Fellow will have a lasting impact on my career for years to come, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

~ Victoria Lucia
Becoming a Fast Track Fellow opened up a world that I had been hungering for many years.  Having a group of people who believed in not only my scripts but me as a writer has been life-saving and career defining.  For the first time, when I sat down with eight professionals in the business to talk about myself and my writing, I felt like a legitimate writer finally in the game, ready to play my heart out. 

The ISA has your back and looks out for you in a way no other script organization does.  They actively want everyone in their world to succeed and work so hard to ensure this town (and the world) knows how great you are and how much of a good bet you'd be if they took a chance on you.

~ Wendy Wilkins
I am so grateful to Felicity, Max, and the ISA. My Fast Track Fellowship week allowed me to connect with heavy-hitters in the industry, giving me the insight and inspiration needed to jump-start the next chapter of my writing career. Thanks again for all your support! 

 ~ C.J. Arellano
I guess my happiest story of late is that I moved to LA last year to be closer to my dreams. I have not yet sold anything, but I'm busier than ever with rewriting several scripts to get them polished enough for market, writing a new script (at the halfway mark!), and researching another new script.

I loved the fellowship and am so glad to count the ISA among my network. If anything, being a fellow showed me that I need to be tenacious and not give up to achieve my goal of being a professional screenwriter. And I have faith that spirit will help me in the long run.

~ Melissa Birks
As far as being a Fast Track Fellow goes, I loved it. The ISA Fast Track flew me out to LA, put me up in a swank hotel on Sunset and shuttled me to 9 different meetings over the week-including CAA and the head of production at the Weinstein company. Max and Felicity at ISA couldn't have been nicer and what can I say, I'm still reaping the benefits from that trip.

~ David Baugnon