Grand Prize Winners:

Bryson Lima - Spooky Society

LaTaveya Vault  - Transcendent

Michael Zakar and Zak Zakar - Pray the Gay Away



Aaron Braxton - The Sub

Alexandra Comeaux and Zari Panosian - n00bs

Anna Zabel - Belly

Audrey Farnsworth - The Skeleton Manning the Ship Inside of My Brain

Avery Rouda and Michael McLaughlin - Everlight

Barry Tidwell - Imagination Park - Episode 1 - The Audition

Briana Cole - Just One "Moore" Christmas

Bruna Pias - Glitz

Buck Rivers - Ultra-Sim

Christopher Morrison - Blackwood: The Jones Episode

Collette Legault  - Heavy

Dani Hanks - Knotty

Danielle Coronado – Second to Nun

Drew Toop - Ultrabus

Duane Piedmont - Game of Toys

Erin Dooley - Senior Moments

Gary White - The Bourbon Boys Mysteries

Herman Wilkins - The Book of Ezra (Pilot) Death Come A Knockin'

Jacobo Fe – The Son of the Sun

Jade Shine - FLAGS

Jana Forkel - Z.U.P.E.R.

Jill Oliver and Spenser Davis – Spirit Force Five

Joey O'Connor - Among Kings

Joshua Maheu - Sugar

Kate Bailey - Sour Beer

Kate Imy - Unsinkable

Katy Dore – The Lost Pages

Kevin Johnson - Detention Centers

Lillie Gardner - Allegra Sparkle's Guide to the Great Composers

Mary Ann Koenig and Kim Amidon – The LAZER

Rama Teja - Suck It

Rodrigo Varandas - Student Affairs

Shirley Yip - House of Fortune