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Announcement of Finalists

Sep 01, 2019

Announcement of Award Winners

Oct 12, 2019

Festival Association

Festival Association

The Imaginarium Convention Screenplay Awards


The Imaginarium Convention awards a series of literary and film awards annually, including awards for non-produced screenplays of all genres in both short and feature-length formats.  These screenplay awards are part of our esteemed Imadjinn Awards, a comprehensive series of writing awards that include an array of novel, short story, and collection/anthology categories.

Screenplay award finalists receive a full weekend pass to Imaginarium 2019, which gives access to all programming, events, and activities of The Imaginarium Convention, including the Imaginarium Awards Banquet. The presentation of trophies and announcement of screenplay award winners will take place at the Awards Banquet on the evening of October 12th.


Awards will be issued in feature length and short format categories as part of our esteemed Imadjinn Awards.  The announcement of winners and presentation of trophies will take place at the Imaginarium 2019 Awards Banquet, held on the evening of October 12th. 

All finalists receive a full weekend pass to the Imaginarium Convention, giving access to all panel and workshop programming, events, and activities.  The Imaginarium Convention provides networking, developmental, and educational opportunities designed to benefit creatives of all experience levels.  

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Submission Requirements

(1) Screenplays must be included with all submissions in PDF (preferred) or Word document formats.

(2) All submitted screenplays must not have been previously produced.

(3) You may submit more than one screenplay.

(4) If you are under the age of 18, a legal guardian must submit for you.


Q. When will finalists be announced?

A. Finalists will be announced on September 1st and be listed on the Imaginarium Convention Website.


Q. Does it cost anything for a finalist to attend the Imaginarium Convention?

A. No, all finalists received full weekend passes, complimentary. 


Q. If I win but am not present at the Awards Banquet, how can I get my trophy?

A. Winners not present at the Awards Banquet can choose to have their trophies shipped with reimbursement of shipping cost to the Imaginarium Convention. 

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There are no judges bio linked to this contest.


About the Imaginarium Convention

The Imaginarium Convention made its debut in 2014 and is now heading into its 6th year with a central focus on providing creative writers and other creative talents educational, networking, professional, and mentoring opportunities. In 2019, The Writer Magazine named the Imaginarium Convention the best writing conference in Kentucky and the 2nd best writing conference in the Southeast USA.

The Imaginarium Convention welcomes all genres and levels of experience. Imaginarium maintains an inclusive, welcoming environment that brings together the vibrant atmosphere of a convention with the content-rich nature of a major writers conference. Three days filled with over 130 panels and workshops provide creative individuals of all levels of skill and experience an abundance to choose from to develop skill-sets further on their professional and artistic journeys.

Spotlighting and raising awareness of talented creative individuals is another area of emphasis for the Imaginarium Convention. Our juried Imadjinn Literary Awards given at our annual awards banquet are one way in which we recognize and celebrate top level talent. Another way is through our Imadjinn Book Fair and Expo, which showcases a large number of creative professionals to the public throughout the convention weekend.

In supporting creative writing in all forms, The Imaginarium Convention embraces Game Development and Film/TV production, including programming content in each of these areas, a weekend-long gaming room, and an independent film festival with juried awards.

More recently, The Imaginarium Convention has begun to develop the Imaginarium Initiative, to help facilitate support and educational opportunities for communities in need. Our first target area for this program will be the Eastern Kentucky region.

A positive event that provides a wide range of support and beneficial elements to a diverse array of attendees, Imaginarium is dedicated to continue growing and expanding what we can offer to those pursuing a creative path.