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Amsterdam International Film Festival


The Amsterdam Film Festival celebrates films that capture both the artistry and progressive nature of world cinema today.  Created to recognize and award films that have potential to move audiences and change perceptions, the Amsterdam Film Festival is devoted to filmmakers whose quest is self-expression and communication.  

The Amsterdam Film Festival proudly supports the art of screenwriting by allowing new talent to be heard and discovered in our annual Screenplay Competition.  Top screenplays in the competition are awarded based on the quality and originality of the work. The Amsterdam Film Festival seeks to discover and revere the finest and most original voices in screenwriting from around the globe.

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Jeff Ryback\'s \"The Snakeman\" and \"The Wind Riders\" both finalists...

Two of Jeff Ryback's feature screenplays, The Snakeman (Action/ Adventure) and The Wind Riders(Epic Historical love story about the Tibetan-Chinese war), have been chosen as finalists (2 of 9) at the Amsterdam International Film Festival...
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AT YOUR DISPOSAL by Aaron Wileman - 3rd Place at the Amsterdam Int'l FF

The breakthrough first script AT YOUR DISPOSAL from Aaron Wileman places 3rd in the Amsterdam International Film Festival. A deeply moving script caught the attention of the judges and represents the first of many awards for the powerful and...
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AT YOUR DISPOSAL by Aaron Wileman Winning Awards & Recognition

Wileman's debut screenplay, AT YOUR DISPOSAL, placed 3rd in the Amsterdam International Film Festival. The emotional drama caught the attention of the judges and went on to also be selected as a finalist at the Jive Azz Film Festival 2014 in the...
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David J Schroeder Scores Twice

LOST CAUSE places 2nd in the 2015 Amsterdam International Film Festival, and 2nd in the 2015 Northern Virginia International Film Festal.  Ranked #1 Thriller script on Winning List. This is Schroeder's 109th Top Three finish...
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Jonathan LaPoma and Natalia Porras Sivolobova's feature-length drama, LA TIERRA QUE YO AMO (LAND THAT I LOVE), is a finalist in the 2015 Amsterdam Film Festival. This is the script's 9th honor. Patricia Chica (CERAMIC TANGO, WOLVERINE HOTEL)...
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'Life Is But A Dream' wins 2nd Place Best Original Feature Screenplay

'Life Is But A Dream' wins the Van Gogh Award, 2nd Place for the Best Original Feature Screenplay in the Amsterdam International Film Festival.
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"The Chessmaster, The Artist, The Priest and The Gypsy"

Historical drama, thriller taking place in the early days of Franco's fascist regime has recieved international acclaim.
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HORSE UP A TREE - successes

In addition to the contest awards listed under "Awards," the following 2018 contests: Harlem IFF- 3rd place; Firefly Film Comp -1st place; New York City Indie Film - Silver; Snowdance Film Awards - 1st place; Mindfield FF - Gold; Pinnacle Film...
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