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Oct 15, 2013


Nov 15, 2013


Dec 01, 2013

Grand Prize

Dec 15, 2013

Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Competition!


Now in its 6th year, The Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Competition’s grand prize winners get flown to LA, where they receive three nights free accommodation, spending money, a whirlwind of industry meetings, connections and read requests AND lunch with this year’s special guest, Ken Nolan, the writer of Black Hawk Down, directed by Ridley Scott as well as the upcoming Thunder Road, starring Gerard Butler, Sam Worthington and Matthew McConaughey.\r\n\r\nWinning is only the beginning! Unexpected


  • Best Horror/Thriller
  • Best Comedy
  • Best Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • Best Drama
  • Best Leading Role for a Woman

One winner in each category above wins:

  • $250 in cash
  • A 30 minute career consult with Julie Gray
  • $150 Amazon gift certificate

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General Rules
  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Screenplays must:
    • Be written in English
    • be an original feature script
    • be minimum 90 pages and maximum of 120 pages in length
    • Have numbered pages
    • Be in standard format
  • Any genre is accepted.
  • Multiple submissions are accepted as long as each is accompanied with an application and the entry fee.
  • Only one copy, draft or version of any single screenplay may be submitted by any entrant or entrants.
  • Rewrites or new drafts MAY be submitted but will be considered a new entry and regular entry fees apply.
  • Collaborative work undertaken by two writers is eligible. Collaborative work by three or more writers is not eligible. All prizes will be split 50-50 by collaborators.
  • Entering the competition constitutes permission to use finalists’ names and likeness for publicity and promotions with no additional compensation. We reserve the right to publicize and promote any and all progress, development and success of the entered scripts.
  • Partners, affiliated members and employees of Just Effing Entertain Me and their immediate families are ineligible, as are competition judges and their immediate families.
  • No applicant may have earned money or other consideration as a screenwriter for theatrical films or television, or for the sale of, or sale of an option to, any original story, treatment, screenplay or teleplay for more than $8,000. Applicants may not have received a screenwriting fellowship or prize which includes a “first look” clause, an option or any other quid pro quo involving the writer’s work. The date for the purposes of this clause shall be the announcement of the Grand Prize Winner.
  • Adaptations of previously written work are not acceptable. The only exception is when the writer has adapted his/her own unpublished work. Material adapted from a previously published source to which the author has secured the rights, such as a novel, short story, or play, is ineligible.
  • The judges’ decisions are final. The Just Effing Entertain Me Competition reserves the right to substitute prizes for other prizes of equal monetary value.
  • If the Grand Prize winner resides in Los Angeles or reasonable surrounds (within 75 miles) accommodation is not provided and cash equivalent is not substituted.
  • Scripts may be disqualified for not adhering to the rules and requirements. No refund will be issued for disqualified scripts.
  • In an effort to make a contribution toward a better environment, The Just Effing Entertain Me Competition is a paperless contest. We only accept scripts and payments electronically. Do not mail scripts or payments.
  • All monetary prizes will be paid in US dollars. The domestic airfare portion of the travel to Los Angeles for the Grand Prize winner is limited to $500 and will only be awarded if the winner lives more than 200 miles outside Los Angeles. International airfare has a $750 limit. The Grand Prize winner must work within the schedule and time constraints of the special guests and managers donating their time.
  • All participants will be automatically registered for The Just Effing Entertain Me Newsletter. Clear instructions on how to unsubscribe are available for those who prefer not to receive it.
  • All questions regarding judging processes or results should be directed to storieswb at gmail dot com.
  • Results of the competition will be posted at


Q: I placed in the quarterfinalists last year – am I eligible for this year?

All previous entrants are eligible except the grand prize winners.

Q: Do you provide notes or feedback on my script?

No we do not. Scripts will be judged according to the published judging guidelines. Let us make perfectly clear: this is a screenwriting competition; we do not provide coverage or feedback. Your feedback will be whether or not your script moves up to the next level of judging.

Q: I have received notes from Just Effing Entertain Me/Julie Gray on the script I plan to submit. Am I eligible?


Q: Can I submit more than one script?

Yes. Each script should include its own separate application form and fee.

Q: How do I submit to the Just Effing Entertain Me Competition?

Click on “submit” button and you will be led through the submission process.

Q: Once I have submitted my script, should I contact you for confirmation?

That is not necessary, but if you have a question, please email storieswb at gmail dot com. Please understand that due to the volume of submissions, we may not be able to answer you for a week or even two.

Q: How do I find out who the winners are?

You can check the Just Effing Entertain Me site on the announcement dates. We do not notify writers of their status until or unless their script places as a finalist.

Q: What if I live in Southern California – do I still get round trip airfare?

Southern California residents who live within 200 miles of Los Angeles are ineligible to receive air fare.

Q: What if I live in Europe, Asia or South America – do I still get round trip airfare?

You will receive airfare limited to $750. You will have to cover the remainder.

Q: Is it okay to submit the same script to multiple competitions?

Sure is. In fact, we encourage it.

Q: Who reads my script? Will I receive notes?

Our judging coordinator will assign scripts to qualified readers who will also be given strict guidelines for the judging process. No, we do not return notes for your script.

Q: Why do you need my email address?

We will be notifying the finalists via email. We would also like to add you to our newsletter. Opting out is a click away if you decide you’d rather not receive it.

Q: Should I register my script with the WGA before sending?

It’s a good idea, always.

Q: Can I submit a screenplay that is an adaptation of previously written work?

Adaptations of previously written work are not accepted. The only exception to this rule is when the writer has adapted his/her own unpublished work. Material adapted from a previously published source to which the author has secured the rights, such as a novel, short story, or play, is ineligible.

Q: I don’t live in the US, can I still submit?

The Just Effing Screenwriting Competition is open and available to all writers, everywhere.

Q: What if I option or sell my script before I find out how I placed?

You will not be qualified to place in the Just Effing Entertain Me Competition in this instance – but then, you won’t need to. Congratulations!

Q: What do you mean by saying you are a “green” competition?

That means we accept digital submissions only – Final Draft (*.fdr or *.fdx), PDF (*.pdf) or Rich Text (*.rtf) are all fine. Submit through the process noted above. Paper scripts waste massive amounts of paper and postage. Digital submissions will soon be the norm.

Q: Who are you?

The Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Competition is owned and directed by Julie Gray, LLC. We have helped hundreds of writers reach their goals and have the industry connections to back it up. Learn more about us by going to:

Q: Do you guarantee to read my entire script during judging? What about notes or feedback?

Judges will follow the guidelines carefully. The first fifteen pages of each script will be read and scored with comments. If the script rates lower than four points in the first fifteen pages, it will be set aside. Please see JUDGING PROCEDURES. We do not provide notes or feedback.

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