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Mar 15, 2014

Festival Association

Festival Association

Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition


The Nashville Film Festival is one of the top film fests in the U.S. Now, NaFF is opening the doors to screenwriters for film and TV. 24 categories! Winners in each category! Cash prizes in every category! Winning scripts are passed on to major studios and film execs. Semi-finalists and finalists earn festival laminates. Final deadline extended to 2/3/2014. Festival: 4/17 - 26.


The NaFF Screenwriting Competition offers more than $55,000 in cash and prizes, including NaFF Festival Laminates (worth $250 each) to semifinalists and finalists. 

Cash awards to winners:

  • Feature Drama $1,000; 
  • Feature Comedy $1,000;
  • Feature Action/Adventure $500; 
  • Feature Thriller/Horror $500; 
  • Feature Family Film $250; 
  • Feature Inspirational Film $250; 
  • Feature Animated Film $250; 
  • Feature Science Fiction $250, 
  • Feature Historical Film $250; 
  • Feature Music-Inspired $250;
  • Short Drama $250; 
  • Short Comedy $250; 
  • Short Action/Adventure $250; 
  • Short Thriller/Horror $250;
  • Short Family Film $250; 
  • Short Inspirational Film $250; 
  • Short Animated Film $250; 
  • Short Science Fiction $250; 
  • Short Historical Film $250; 
  • Short Music-Inspired $250; 
  • TV Drama Pilot $250; 
  • TV Comedy Pilot $250; 
  • Young Screenwriters $250;
  • Tennessee Feature Screenplay $500; 
  • Tennessee Short Screenplay $250. 
NaFF names a winner and runner-up in each category. Winners receive cash awards. Runners-up win an exclusive certificate award printed at Hatch Show Print. Semifinalists win a NaFF Silver Laminate, valued at $250. All finalists win two NaFF Silver Laminates worth $500.

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Feedback Type

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Feedback Type Description


1. Eligibility: The Nashville Film Festival (NaFF) Screenwriting Competition accepts screenplays and teleplays that have not been previously sold or optioned.


2. Judges Decisions Final: Awards and selections of the NaFF Screenwriting jurors are final. Judges determine the overall merit of the entries using the official NaFF criteria.


3. Complete Works: NaFF considers all entries to be complete and will not accept any revisions or additional pages once the screenplay or teleplay has been submitted. Do not submit a script for a feature that is under 40 pages with a notice: "to be continued."


4. Multiple Categories: Entrants may submit the same entry to more than one category. Each category entered requires an entry fee for that category.


5. Not Optioned or Sold: Entries must not have been optioned or sold prior to April 17, 2014.


6. Copyright Protection: All entrants are encouraged to register their screenplays with the Writers' Guild of America, East or West:, or


7. Refunds: Submissions are final. NaFF does not offer refunds.


8. Exclusions: NaFF employees, including seasonal staff, board members, sponsors, and their immediate families, are not eligible to submit in any category.


9. Original: All entries must be original works by the applicant.


10. Co-Authors: If a screenplay has more than one author, it is up to the authors to decide how many authors to list on the application and who will be the primary contact e-mail.


11. Withdrawal from Categories: NaFF does not allow changes to the categories after submission. All submissions are final.


12. Multiple Scripts: Writers are more than welcome to submit as many different scripts as they would like to our competition, in as many different categories as they would like.


13. Multiple Authors Award Divisions: NaFF awards are made per entry, not per author. Therefore, groups of authors associated with one entry are responsible for the division of awards, including laminates. (Semifinalists win 1 NaFF Silver Laminate and Finalists win 2 NaFF Silver Laminates.) NaFF does not assume responsibility for arrangements with regard to laminate or cash divisions. NaFF will provide an exclusive Hatch Show Print award to each writer.

Format Rules


14. English: All entries must be submitted in English.


15 Formatting Standards: Please format your screenplay according to the sample screenplay reference on our website. MovieMagic Screenwriter, Final Draft, or Celtx are programs you may use. Use 12 point Courier font. Pages must be numbered.


16. Submissions: Only through our web-site as PDFs. No mailed or emailed entries are accepted


17. Pages:

  • Screenplays: 80 - 130 pages (approx.)
  • Short Film Scripts - 40 pages or less
  • Half-Hour Comedy Teleplay: 22-45 pages (Format for single camera. The sample on our web-site is an example.)
  • One-hour Drama Teleplay: 45-65 pages (approx.)

18. Title Page: Include title only on title page. The author's name should not appear on the title page or anywhere on the script, to preserve anonymity and fairness.


19. Author's Name: The author's name should not appear anywhere on the script. The name should only be provided on the entry form.


20. Not Accepted: novels, short stories, stage plays, treatments, synopses, reality show concepts, scripts for existing TV series, work that is not original. 


The Judging


21. The Readings: In Round 1 and 2, the first 30 pages are read. Beginning with Round 3, each script is read completely.


22. The Judges: 

  • Round 1 & 2: Readers are selected, trained and tested according to NaFF Criteria.
  • Round 3: Industry pros, including professional screenwriters, literary agents and managers.  
  • Round 4: The NaFF Screenwriter Competition Jury of industry professionals, including producers, production executives, professional screenwriters, literary agents, and managers.

23. NaFFSC Criteria: 1-10 points in four categories: premise, story, character, dialogue. Premise: who & what the story is about, setting (where & when), primary action. Story: arrangement of events. Characters: distinctiveness, relationships. Dialogue: feel, sound, relationship to storyline.


24. The Rounds:

  • Round 1: The first 30 pages are read by two readers and judged pass/fail. Scripts that pass once are read by a third reader. Scripts that pass twice move on.
  • Round 2: The first 30 pages are read by two readers and judged on a 10-point scale on four criteria (premise, story, character and dialogue.) Scores are totaled. Top scripts in each category move on to the next round. Number moved forward: Feature & Short Comedy & Drama: top 20; Feature & Short Action & Thriller, top 10; all other categories: top 3 move directly to final round.
  • Round 3 Semifinals: Scripts are read in their entirety twice. Scores are totaled. The three top scores in each category move on to the Final Round.
  • Round 4 Finals: Each screenplay or teleplay is read by each juror for that category.

25. Disqualifications: Submissions are not disqualified for minor formatting errors (title page, software, length.)


26. Notifications: Each submission will receive a confirmation email once it is processed. We plan to post a list of advancing screenplays for the first three rounds on our web-site by late February. We plan to email finalists by late March.


27. Feedback: Constructive written analysis of submitted screenplays will be provided to all entrants. We plan to email all entrants with feeback by Mid-June.


28. Return Copies: We are unable to return scripts.


Young Screenwriter Competition


Young Screenwriters are subject to all NaFF Competition rules. To enter, applicant must be 19 or under on April 16, 2014. Young screenwriters are not to submit features. Only screenplays (40 or fewer pages) for short films are accepted. 


1.  When is the NaFFSC?

The NaFFSC closes for entries February 3, 2014. Events for screenwriters run concurrently with the Nashville Film Festival, April 17 - 26th, 2014.


2.  When and where are the awards announced? 

Awards are announced at the Nashville Film Festival Awards Ceremony, usually the final Thursday of the festival.


3.What events are planned for the screenwriters? 

Screenwriters with laminates who attend the Nashville Film Festival enjoy NaFF member benefits. In addition, there are dozens of NaFF- partner events at live music venues, bars, and restaurants with special benefits for screenwriters as well as several panel presentations for screenwriters.


4. Who are the jurors? 

The jurors are top-level film industry pros. See our web-site for our latest listing. Jurors are subject to change due to events outside of NaFF's control.


5. What networking opportunities are available? 

Numerous screenwriters and filmmakers from all over the world come to NaFF. It's one of the few great places to hang out with people in the industry.


6. Do Semifinalists win a pass? 

Yes. They win a NaFF Silver Laminate.


7. Do Finalists win a pass? 

Yes. They win two NaFF Silver Laminates. For descriptions of laminate benefits, see get-involved/become-member/.


8. What are the judges looking for? 

Overall merit of the entries, judged according to four categories: premise, story, character, and dialogue. See "NaFFSC Criteria" above.


9. Do you accept entries from outside the U.S.? 

Yes. All entries must be written in English, however.


10. What is the Nashville Film Festival? 

The Nashville Film Festival is an annual, ten-day extravaganza named one of "25 festivals worth the entry fee" by MovieMaker Magazine and voted one of the Top 5 Film Festivals in the U.S. by the Brooks Institute. Now in its 45th year, the Festival is proud to bring the world to Nashville through a celebration of the diversity of the human spirit expressed through the art of film.


11. When is the Nashville Film Festival? 

The 2014 Festival will be held April 17, 2014 - April 26, 2014.


12. Can I submit a script in multiple categories? 

Yes. Check off each category you would like to submit to on the application form and be sure to include an entry fee for each category.


13. What qualifies a script for the Tennessee Screenplay categories?

The writer must either have been born in Tennessee or currently reside in Tennessee. The entrant is responsible for the authenticity of this claim and any inquiry regarding that authenticity.


14. Are there qualifications for scripts in any of the genre categories?

We leave it up to the writers to choose the categories. No scripts will be disqualified based on category submission

Lindsey M. Foulkes - Postcards In The Attic - 2nd Round Selection!

Postcards in the Attic, a romantic feature drama, was selected for the 2nd round (aka Quarterfinals) in the Nashville Film Festival!
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Lewis-Barr\'s comedy makes it to NAFF\'s Second Round

Laura Lewis-Barr's, "The Bride Can't Decide" is named a "Second Rounder" in the NAFF competition.
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Randall C Willis named Winner at Nashville Film Festival 2014

On April 25, Randall C Willis's screenplay Tank's was named Best Animated Feature at the Nashville Film Festival's inaugural screenwriting competition. The competition received more than 1,500 screenplays for features, shorts and...
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Rod Thompson\'s \"The Squire\" makes NAFF 2nd Round Cut!

The Squire by Rod Thompson advanced through the second round of competition at the Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition!
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Anthony Cawood\'s script Won Best Short, Nashville Film Fest

My short, A Certain Romance, won in Best Short category at the Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition 2014. The script has since been bought by DragonHouse Entertainment to film in the summer.
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jane therese

I am a published feature writer, as well as a published photojournalist as well as numerous awards in that field. 
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Jane Therese's LINE OF CONTROL placed as a quarterfinalist in Nashville Film Screenwriting Contest. Line of Control, is a David and Golitah thriller that follows a struggling farmer who unwittingly becomes part of a ruthless,...
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Stalnaker gets semifinalist for "Dating Jennifer" in NaFF

Eric Stalnaker's Romantic Comedy Dating Jennifer received was chosen as a quarterfinalists and ultimately a semifinalist in the Comedy Category at the 2015 Nashville Film Festival. The screenplay finished in the Top 16 for the category. A total...
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Peter Wisan's "Strings" Semi-Finalist in Competition

The dystopian feature, STRINGS, placed as a Semifinalist in the Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. Amidst heavy competition, STRINGS was one of only eight Semifinalists in the Action/Adventure - Feature category.
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Garland is a Nashville Semifinalist

Robin's drama script "Because Of Me" is a Semifinalist at the Nashville Screenplay Competition.
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DARBY PETTY takes 2nd Place in family at The 2015 Nashville Film Festival

DC Sayre and his script, Darby Petty and The Lost Treasure, received 2nd Place at the 2015 Nashville Film Festival - Family Film Category. Country singer, Natalie Noone accepted the 2nd place screenwriting award for the family feature on behalf...
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David Rocchio Finalist in Nashville Screenwriter Competition

David Rocchio named as a finalist in the 2015 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition with his feature comedy script CANADIAN HOLIDAY.
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Runner-Up Dramatic Short

The screenplay, titled "Which Spoke of Freedom", is set at the height of the Irish War of Independence on an outlandish farm just outside of Cork, Ireland. There, young British soldier Oliver, comes face-to-face with the infamous IRA boss...
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Michael's screenplay adaptation of Winona's story "Wiindigoo the Cannibal" was selected as a short finalist in the Nashville Screenwriting Contest.  The short is an historic dramatization of clear cutting forests...
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O'Rourke Adaptation Is Oaxaca 15 Official Selection

Michael's feature adaptation of Winona LaDuke's novel "Last Standing Woman," has been chosen an official selection of Oaxaca Film Fest 15 Global Script Challenge.  Movie Maker magazine calls the Oaxaca Fest...
read more »

L.A. Longworth

Coming up for air after being lost in a new script and launching a website, so I'm just getting around to documenting the ride I took this past year with my last feature script ONE BAD ASTRONAUT, which was a quarter-finalist in the Nicholl, a...
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Courtney Suttle added to his list of acheivements for his script Fire on Ice, advancing to the semifinals in the Historical Feature category in the Nashville Film Festival 2016 Screenwriting Competition. Other awards for Fire on Ice include Second...
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Addison's The Table Top Dancer makes Semi-Final of Nashville Film Fest

In addition to advancing to the semi-final round of the Fresh Voices competition, Addison Bhuyan's short drama script, The Table Top Dancer has now made the semi-finals of the 2016 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition.  Keep...
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Scott Pittock's horror/western feature Sanctuary is a semifinalist in the 2016 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Contest.
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Anthony Cawood's Glitch announced as Finalist at Nashville

Anthony's script, Glitch, progresses from the semi-finals stage and is announced as Finalist in the Horror/Thriller short scripts category. The winner is announced at the festival in April.This is Anthony's second sucess at...
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DENISE MEYERS is a finalist for the Nashville Film Festival

LUCKY 13, about the first American women to fly airplanes during World War Two, is a finalist in the Drama catagory at the Nashville Film Festival.  This remarkable true story chronicles the experiences of 13 female pilots who were tasked with...
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Erica & Bryan Diamond's screenplay TRIPLE receives honors

Several years ago, I pulled our optioned script our of a direct to dvd and on demand film package, deciding we really had a gem on our hands we could polish.  To test our theory, we did as polish and submitted our script to various contest and...
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3 Scripts Place at Nashville Film Festival 2016

Todd Sorrell's 3 scripts all placed at Nashville Film Festival 2016.  From over 1500 submissions, "The Minstrel" came in 2nd Place, and "Parousia" came in 3rd in their respective categories, Music Inspired and Science...
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Anthony Cawood's Glitch wins Thriller/Horror award.

It's a second win at Nashville for Anthony, with Glitch taking the Thriller/Horror short script award after 2014's success with A Certain Romance (in post-production).
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Stephen Barber was named 'Finalist' in the 2015 - Script Pipeline

"By Noble Means" was awarded 'Finalist' for 2015, Script Pipeline's 'First Look Project' for the Adaptation category. As a True Story of a troubled youth being forced to change his trajectory, this script has been...
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Scott Pittock's horror/western feature script Sanctuary a Semi-Finalist in FilmQuest 2016.  FilmQuest was considered one of the Top 50 film festivals to enter in 2015 by MovieMaker Magizine!
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Scott Pittock's Sanctuary, his horror/western about a family at odds with each other who must work together when a feral posse invades their home, placed as a finalist in the 9th Annual StoryPros Awards Screenplay Competition.  
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Kerri Weston and Robert Pawolski

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IN-BETWEEN, an inspirational, coming-of-age drama, written by Sandra Webb Smith, won first place in the drama category of the 2014 Filmmakers International Screenwriting Awards and was named runner- up in the inspirational category of the 2015...
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Kushal Dhungana's 'Fishing' and 'Tough Crowd' are NAFF semi-finalists

Young screenwriter, Kushal Dhungana, has been recently been recognized by Nashville Film Festival's Screenplay Competition. His short screenplays, 'Fishing' and 'Tough Crowd', have both been selected as semi-finalists in the Young Screenwriter...
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The Favor named Runner-Up in Nashville Film Festival

Jack Fossett's short screenplay, "The Favor," was named a runner-up in the 2015 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition's Young Screenwriter category. At only 17 years old, Jack was the youngest finalist in the festival.
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Winner of 2017 NaFF Screenwriting Competition, Thriller/Horror category

Christopher Colpitts was named the Winner of the 2017 Nashville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition in the Thriller/Horror category for his script The Sand Reckoner.
read more »

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Nashville Film Festival

The Nashville Film Festival (NaFF) is an Academy Award Qualifying Festival.  At 45 years, it is one of the oldest and best in the U.S.  NaFF offers filmmakers and screenwriters nearly $100,000 in cash and prizes each year.


NaFF takes place from April 17 - 26 in Nashville.  Screening more than 250 films in 10 days, it's an amazing chance to network with filmmakers from around the world. NaFF is urban edge meets Southern charm.  Non-stop parties, meet 'n' greets, music-industry events, and workshops.


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