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Aug 17, 2020

Scriptapalooza Screenplay & SHORTS Competition


Every script that is entered into Scriptapalooza is read by either a producer, manager or agent. We do not use readers or regular people because they cannot do anything with your script. We go right to the source - a producer, manager or agent, they can make a difference, they can option your script, buy it, set-up a meeting or go straight to the studio with it.


First Place Winner


- $10,000 Cash

- Access to over 150 producers thru Scriptapalooza's Network

- Writer's Studio from Write Brothers (Outline 4D, Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Pro)

- 1 year of International Screenwriters Association Connect Membership

- Admission to Robert McKee Story Seminar in New York or Los Angeles

- 6 month online subscription from Backstage

- InkTip Prize Package


Second Place Winner


- Access to over 150 producers thru Scriptapalooza's Network

- Writer's Studio from Write Brothers (Outline 4D, Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Pro)

- 1 year of International Screenwriters Association Connect Membership

- 6 month online subscription from Backstage

- InkTip Prize Package


Third Place Winner


- Access to over 150 producers thru Scriptapalooza's Network

- Writer's Studio from Write Brothers (Outline 4D, Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Pro)

- 1 year of International Screenwriters Association Connect Membership

- 6 month online subscription from Backstage

- InkTip Prize Package


10 Runners-Up


- Access to over 150 producers thru Scriptapalooza's Network

- Writer's Studio from Write Brothers (Outline 4D, Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Pro)

- 1 year of International Screenwriters Association Connect Membership


All 30 Finalists


- Access to over 150 producers thru Scriptapalooza's Network

- Receive Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Writer's Dreamkit from Write Brothers

- 1 year of International Screenwriters Association Connect Membership


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On March 06, 2019 Frances Spencer said:

QUESTIONS On Scriptapalooza for entering a screenplay.:

It's not clear as to whether the manuscript/screenplay must be printed out and sent to you on paper?? Might one have the option of sending it electronically, as an attachment to an email? What is your preference?

No mention of sending electronically via Film Freeway. 

Since it's anonymous, with no identification on cover page or anywhere else, does one send a separate page with one's name and contact information along with the script. (whether printed out script via email) What about a short writing resume listing past productions?

Payment: How is this done? You say, by credit card or PayPal. Again, would it be per Film Freeway or if not, then how?

I found nothing stating that the script would be sent to you by Film Freeway.

Could you please answer and clarify? I am interested in submitting but need to know the specs.

Frances Spencer

805 653-5617

Ventura, CA 93001



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Feedback Type Description

You have the opportunity to get feedback on your screenplay.
Your feedback will include a logline, a synopsis and 4-5 pages of notes.

Other competitions give you a paragraph or two, we give you 4-5 pages of feedback.

You will get detailed notes on:

- Premise
- First 20 pages
- Structure
- Characters
- Dialogue
- Setting
- Pacing
- Tone
- Transitions
- General Notes


This competition is open to any writer, 18 or older. Entering the competition constitutes permission to use the winners' names and likenesses for publicity and promotions with no additional compensation. We reserve the right to publicize and promote any and all progress, development and success of the entered scripts.


Any script from any genre will be considered.

Multiple entries are accepted, provided you fill out an application for each script.

Multiple authorship is acceptable. If the screenplay wins an award, that award will be divided among the writers, by the writers.

Screenplays must be the original work of the author.

On the cover page of your script, please DO NOT include your name or address.

We only want the title of the script on the cover page.

Scriptapalooza recommends registering your scripts with The Library of Congress.

No substitutions of new drafts or corrected pages for script entries will be accepted under any circumstances. If you wish to submit a new draft of your script you must treat it as a new entry...please fill out an application and pay the resubmission fee of $30. (writers who reach SemiFinalist status will have the opportunity to replace their script with a new draft for free)

Submit scripts in English.

Submit one copy of a 80-140 page screenplay. Do not send originals.

We now accept short screenplays (under 40 pages)

Material will not be returned under any circumstances.

Body pages must be numbered.

Scripts must be in industry standard format 12 point Courier font.

The decisions of our Judges are final and may not be disputed.

Please do not send CDs, treatments, synopses, letters or resumes. This material will not be sent to the producer reading your script.

Scriptapalooza is not responsible for submissions that are lost, stolen or damaged while in transit.


Q:What if I don't win the competition and I'm a Semifinalist only, will my script be promoted?

A:Yes, after we announce the winners we promote and pitch the Semifinalists and higher for an entire year. Here's how the process works:We literally will call and pitch the TOP 100 to all of our contacts, that's about 125 producers. They tell us what they are looking for and we go thru the list/loglines of the TOP 100 and get the right script to the right producer. It's a win/win situation.

Q:What kind of scripts win the Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition?

A:We have no bias in judging of the scripts. Genre or budget is not taken into consideration. It is truly about the best writing, story, etc. Winners have ranged from dramas, to comedies to psychological thrillers to high concept comedies to dark comedies to science fiction, to action adventure to romantic comedies to family films. The competition is open to any screenplay of any genre or budget.

Q:Can I submit more than one script?

A:Yes, you can submit more than one screenplay, but you must fill out separate entry forms and appropriate entry fees for each one.

Q:Do you accept short screenplays?

A:Yes, we do. They must be under 40 pages in length.

Q:Is there any added benefit if I apply during the early bird time frame?

A:Yes, it's cheaper.

Q.What if my script is optioned or sold after I have submitted to Scriptapalooza?

A.Congratulations, you won't be needing Scriptapalooza anymore.

Q:Once I've submitted, should I contact you to see if you received my script?

A:If you want confirmation that your script was received, please email us at

Q:When will I know if I won?

A:Semi-finalists will be announced in August. And the winners will be announced August 2020. All who enter will receive an email with the results.

Q:How can I find out who the winners are?

A:The winners will be posted on our website on August 17, 2020.

Q:Can I submit the same script I sent in last year?

A:Yes, but that's a personal judgment and you need to factor in the following:
were you a quarter-finalist or higher? Or, have you tightened or rewritten the script since last year?

Q: Why do I have to include an e-mail address? 

A:Because all notifications will be sent out via e-mail. This saves on postage, paper and ultimately, trees and it's quicker than snail mail.

Q:Can I see my score sheet/comments/feedback from the Judge?

A:You can order feedback when you enter the competition. Our score sheet that the Judge fills out is a numeric score sheet solely for Scriptapalooza. But if you would like to order feedback, you can, you will get a detailed 4-5 pages of notes covering Premise, First Twenty Pages, Structure, Character, Dialogue, Setting, Pacing, Tone, Transitions and General Notes. This only costs $115.

Q:When will I get my feedback that I ordered?

A:Your feedback will be emailed back to you after we announce Semifinalists.

Q:Who does the reading?

A:All the reading is done by over 90 production companies. A complete list is available under the link called OUR JUDGES.

Q:Can I submit to other competitions?

A:Yes you can.

Q:I forgot the title page, am I disqualified?

A:No, you will not be disqualified.

Q:I don't live in the US, can I enter?

A:Yes, we do accept scripts from around the world.

Q:Can I register online?

A:The application process can be done online, you would fill out an application and then attach your script to the application and pay by credit card or PayPal.

Q:How many people win?

A:Our first place prize is $10,000 and then the TOP 30 winners get software from Write Brothers.

Q:After I entered the competition, I changed my phone number or address, what do I do to let you know?

A:Please email us your name and script title with your new information, and we will update our records.

Q:If I win, do you own the script? Does Scriptapalooza own the rights?

A:No, you will retain all rights to your work. We are just a vehicle to get your script into the right hands. Once you script is sold, you keep all the profits.

Q:Does the writer maintain all the rights to the screenplay if he/she doesn't win?


Q:What genres do you accept?

A:We accept all genres.

Q:Do you accept animated films or musicals?


Thomas J. Herring

 Competition Highlights:The Merging; sci-fi (Quarterfinalist Scriptapalooza competition 2006) Pinewood; horror thriller (Round Two Slamdance 2007) Mom's New Toy; comedy short (First place in WildSound Competition 2008; Second Place Gimme...
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Tim Davis was a finalist in Scriptapalooza

My pilot script for my Viking Comedy "The Four Norsemen" was a finalist in the 2013 Scriptapalooza TV Contest in the original pilot Category.  The script is posted here on ISA and
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Randall C Willis\'s success with Tank\'s in Scriptapalooza 2012

Randall C Willis's animated family feature Tank's was announced as Quarterfinalist in the Scriptapalooza 2012 screenplay competition.
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Howard Allen\'s Client Signs New Rep & is Runner-Up at Scriptapalooza

A client of mine, Robert Hestand's script THE TALOQUAN NETWORK was officially named one of the 10 Runners-Up at Scriptapalooza this year, and the interview regarding the script is available on Scriptapalooza's Facebook page. His new comedy,...
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Christopher J. Valin Places in Multiple Screenwriting Contests

Christopher Valin has placed in numerous writing contests, including: Wins: Golden Age of Television Pilot Competition (2010), Cowrite Script, Week 9 (2009), Scriptwriters Network, Producers Outreach Program (2000),, Kirk v. Picard...
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Scriptapalooza 2010

*Quarterfinalist – Scriptapalooza 2010 - Unseen
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Rick Markus\' Chicago Nine-Eleven - finalist in multiple contests

Chicago Nine-Eleven placed Top 100 in Emerging Screenwriters, was a Table Read My Screenplay 2012 Semi-finalist and a Scriptapalooza 2012 Quarter-finalist.
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THE WRINKLEMAN was named a Nicholl Fellowship Semifinalist (Top 100 out of 5,000) and Scriptapalooza Top 13 Winner in 2007.
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Dan Healy - Finalist in Multiple Contests

Gabriel's Bones was a finalist in the Screenplay Search and New Hope Film Festival screenplay contests, and a semi-finalist in the Scriptapolooza screenplay contest.
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Nick Driggs -- 5-time screenplay competition finalist

My scripts have garnered a finalist distinction five times, and twice advanced to the second round of the Austin Film Fest.The Fix- 3rd place, dramas -- Fresh Voices- second round (top 10% among dramas) -- Austin Film FestHigh Seas- finalist --...
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Dylan Brann - Scriptapalooza - Quarter-Finalist

My mystery/thriller feature Lifeline placed as a Quarter-Finalist in the 2012 Scriptapalooza Screenwriting competition. Lifeline has also placed as a Second Round Winner in the Movie Script Competition: The Golden Brad Awards in 2011, and as a...
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Wendy Wilkins\' Feature Comedy Script WHERE THE MEN ARE wins 3rd place

After a year of making the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals of over ten contests, Wendy Wilkins' feature comedy script, Where The Men Are wins 3rd place in the 2014 Comedy Screenplay Contest as well as is a top-10 finalist in...
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Shelley Krawchuk's Continuing Success for Kill Haole Day

After a successful rewrite Shelley Krawchuk's feature screenplay KILL HAOLE DAY was accepted into the quarter-finals for the Scriptalooza Screenplay Competition and successfully rated in the top 15% of the Nichols Fellowship.  ...
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"7th SON", by William Maurer, Named Finalist at Numerous Contests

"7th SON" garners a top 10 placement (top 2 overall for thriller/horror genre) in the 2014 Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Competition. It has also placed highly - Quarterfinalist - in the Screencraft Horror contest and the 2014 Page Awards.
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Alpha, by Christina Pamies, Top Placement in Multiple Contests

Christina Pamies' science fiction thriller, ALPHA, was one of ten runners up in the 2014 Scriptapalooza International Screenplay Competiiton. It was also named the Sci-Fi/Fantasy category winner at the 2013 Fresh Voices screenplay contest. The...
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Writing Team Places as Quarterfinalists at 2014 Scriptapalooza

Screenwriting team, William Harrison and Kimberly Evans-Baer, has received a quarterfinalist selection of their script SOUL OF A MAN in the 2014 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition.
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Sci-Fi screenplay "Genesis Prime" by Joe Crouch Wins/Places in 12 contests

Genesis Prime is a four quadrant screenplay with fun sci-fi action, humor, and drama that recently was named the Winner for Best SciFi Screenplay at the Shriekfest Film Festival, and as a Finalist at the Hollywood Screenplay, New York Screenplay...
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Parker Briscoe's Thriller, HELL, is a Top 10 Runner-Up at Scriptapalooza

Parker Briscoe's Thriller/Horror "HELL", submitted to a number of Screenplay contests, recieved strong recognition in 2014 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition with a top 10 Runner-Up Award. HELL is now currently being promoted to...
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"The Sasha" by Alexandra Kudelia, A Scriptapalooza Quarterfinalist

The screenplay "The Sasha" by Alexandra Kudelia entered the quarterfinals of the Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition in August 2014.This heart warming work tells the story of how a man and a woman, being passionately in love, find...
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Steve Sherman's Places Two Script in PAGE, Scriptapalooza & ScreenCraft

Sherman's HOME BREW is a PAGE International Quarterfinalist and a Scriptapalooza Semifinalist. it continues to receive recognition in the screenplay contest circuit with more notices of placement (and hopefully wins) yet to come. A separate...
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Sidney J. Bailey

Two of his screenplays have been recognized by International Screenplay competitions:  1) Babycakes – The Nicholl Fellowship Awards – Semifinalist - 2001 2) Blue Moon / Blue Dream – American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest -...
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Sha-Risse Renee Smith's drama CURIOUS placed in the semifinals of the 2014 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition. Her feature film script STRIVERS ROW was optioned to producer Robert Rippberger and is now in development with Aletheia Films....
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HIRED TO WRITE A TRUE LIFE STORY (Screenwriter: James Vincent)

James Vincent was hired to write the true life story of a legendary American sports icon.
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SADIE HAWKINS Makes Top 100 of Scriptapalooza/Semifinals at ScreamCraft

SADIE HAWKINS, the horror genre script written by Shayna Weber made the Top 100 in the Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition out of over 7500 screenplays from and genres. The quirky horror screenplay also advanced to the Semifinals of the...
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Mary Goldman & Tim House - Quarterfinalists 2014 Scriptapalooza

 "Unholy Toledo", co-written by Mary Goldman & Tim House, made the quarter finals of the 2014 Scriptapalooza screenplay competition. Inspired by true characters and events, "Unholy Toledo" is an action/crime drama set...
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Mary Goldman - Top 100 Emerging Screenwriters' Competition

"Unholy Toledo", which Goldman co-wrote with Tim House, has made the top 100 of the 2014 Emerging Screenwriters' screenplay competition, as well as the quarterfinals at the 2014 Scriptapalooza competition. Inspired by true characters...
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Daryn Castle

Semi finalist in both 2011 Bluecat Fellini and Creative Screenwriting awards for my feature screenplay 'Through the wall'. The script has since been through numerous re-writes and is currently endorsed by a BBC script editor and has been...
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Scriptapalooza Competition 2015: KT Parker named Quarterfinalist

KT Parker was named a Quarter-finalist for her screenplay, "Africa As You Like It" in which a young highflyer who accepts an unglamorous posting out of desperation befriends a street urchin in the crossfire of revolution and discovers...
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Jason Kessler's "HIGH OFFICE" a Scriptapalooza top 10 Runner Up

Jason Kessler's feature comedy "High Office" was recognized as one of 10 Runners Up in the 2015 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition.  High Office is about a U.S. President who must distance himself from his daughter after...
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Sidney J Bailey Finds Long Term Success

Two of Sid's  screenplays have been recognized by International Screenplay competitions: 1) Babycakes – The Nicholl Fellowship Awards – Semifinalist - 20012) Blue Moon / Blue Dream – American Zoetrope Screenplay...
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Sean Frasier & Shane Frasier haunt the Scriptapalooza competition

"Appraising the Dead" - the supernatural horror screenplay written by brothers Sean Frasier and Shane Frasier - has been named a Finalist (top 30) at the Scriptapalooza competition. Sean Frasier's feature horror-comedy "Hipster...
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Tom Batt's Birdwatching Naked named Runner up in Scriptapalooza

Tom Batt's Birdwatching Naked finished 2015's Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition as a Top Ten Runner Up. Birdwatching Naked is a spy comedy about a bored civil servant who's only wish is to become a field agent for MI6. When...
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Jeff Nimoy's Degenerate Gamblers in Finals & Q-Finals in 2 major contests!

Jeff Nimoy's mob comedy "Degenerate Gamblers" was recently announced as a 2015 Scriptapalooza Finalist! That means out of over 3,400 international entries, "Degenerate Gamblers" finished in the Top 30. The screenplay was...
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June Escalante's Script MR. CLARK, Top Three at Fresh Voices

June Escalante's script, Mr. Clark made honerable mention in the top three winners in the thriller genre in Fresh Voices Screenwriting contest 2014/15.
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Sean Freelon continues to achieve in 2015

Emerging Screenwriter, Sean Freelon continues to gain recognition as he places yet another screenplay into major competition rounds. Feature screenplay, "White Sage" places as Official Finalist in the drama category of the...
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SLIM a screenplay written by Ade` Craig, based on true events became a quarterfinals in the 2014 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Contest  
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PLIGHT written by Ade` Craig became a quarterfinalist in the 2015 Scriptapalooza Screenplay & Short Competition. 
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2015 Scriptapalooza quarterfinalis

SMALL BLUE is a science fiction feature about a pilot who is pressured by her fellow astronauts to take command of a troubled deep space mining mission when all contact from Earth goes dead.
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Shuaib Mitchell's New Screenplay is a Finalist in Prestigious Competition

Nubia Filmworks, LLC announces that A Rose By Any Other Name a feature-length screenplay written by award winning producer, director and screenwriter Shuaib Mitchell (Nocturnal Agony, Too Saved, Straight Up Go-Go) is a "Quarterfinalist" in...
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A soldier enhanced with the ability to take over robots finds herself the target of mysterious government-related forces when she returns home after a war in Drones & Drivers. Winner of the 2015 Other Worlds Austin SciFi Screenwriting Contest....
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Geoffrey D. Calhoun was a QuarterFinalist in Scriptapalooza

"Silver Dollar" a character Drama was a quarterfinalist in 2015's Scriptapalooza contest. 
read more »

Geoffrey D. Calhoun was a QuarterFinalist in Scriptapalooza

"Silver Dollar" a character Drama was a quarterfinalist in 2015's Scriptapalooza contest. 
read more »

Geoffrey D. Calhoun was a QuarterFinalist in Scriptapalooza

"Silver Dollar" a character Drama was a quarterfinalist in 2015's Scriptapalooza contest. 
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Scott Pittock's comedy Teacher's Pet was a 2014 Semifinalist in the Creative World Awards Screenplay Contest and a Quarterfinalist in Screencraft's Comedy Script Contest.  In 2011, it was a Quarterfinalist in Scriptapalooza and...
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Geoffrey D. Calhoun was a QuarterFinalist in Scriptapalooza

"Silver Dollar" a character Drama was a quarterfinalist in 2015's Scriptapalooza contest. 
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Competition Results

Writer Neal Wiser has garnered success over the last few years with impressive competition results. His Quantum Effects pilot made the TOP 50 of the ISA Fast Track III Fellowship 2016, 6TH PLACE (of 1400) in Emerging Screenwriters 2015, a...
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LUCY Script @ Scriptapalooza

LUCY Script (English Version) Selected and currntly awaiting results at the Scriptapalooza Screenplay and Shorts Competition 2016
read more »

Mary Goldman & Tim House make semifinals of Scriptapalooza!

Unholy Toledo, by Mary Goldman and Tim House, just made the semifinals of the 2016 Scriptapalooza Feature Screenplay competition. Inspired by their grandfather's life as a slot-machine runner in Prohibition Era Toledo, Ohio, Unholy Toledo is a...
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Ryan Herring is named a Runner-Up in the 2016 Scriptapalooza Contest

Ryan A. Herring  was named as a Runner-Up in the 2016 Scriptapalooza Contest for his feature sript 'The Olympians'.
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Chris Bell's Script 'Brutal' placed as a Runner-up in Scriptapalooza

Chris Bell's Scipt 'Brutal'  placed in the top 10 runner-up spots for Scriptapalooza in 2016. The script follows Police officer Henry Chamber who is guilty of horrible police brutality. When Internal Affairs picks him to find...
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Adam Luff's 'Lunar Art' has a run of competition success.

2016 has been a successful year for Adam Luff's science fiction drama 'Lunar Art'. A short script that Adam envisions being made for animation about immigration laws on the moon forcing a retired painter to return to Earth and leave his...
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Ana Sue Antlitz's script "Longing For Flowers" honored

Her Shorts screenplay titled, "Longing For Flowers" placed as Finalist in the Scriptapalooza's Shorts screenplay contest 2016.
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Vicki Joyce's 'Hell Gate to Golden Gate' finalist in 2016 Scriptapalooza

Vicki Joyce's feature script 'Hell Gate to Golden Gate' was a finalist in the 2016 Scriptapalooza screenwriting contest. This script has also done well in other screenwriting contests this year.  Another one of her...
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Kane's first feature screenplay 'Dark Island' made it to the Quarterfinals of Scriptapalooza's Feature screenplay competition 2016.The screenplay is set on the island-state of Singapore, where four University students seek refuge in...
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Suzanne Lutas Finds Success in 2014

In 2014, Suzanne Lutas ranked as a quarter-finalist with her first spec script THE  DEAD RINGER at Page Awards International, Scriptapalooza and Fresh Voices Screenwriting Contests, where she placed finalist in Spotlight's...
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Natalia Phenice's screenplay,  "HERassed",  was a Runner-Up in Scriptapalooza's 2016 Shorts Competition.
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Chris Bell's script 'Strange Rain' is a Semi-finalist in Scriptapalooza

Chris Bell's feature-length historical drama "Strange Rain" placed as a Semi-finalist (Top 100) in Scriptapalooza's 2017 competition.
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2014 Scriptapalooza Finalist

Collinson's script, RED GOD, has been named as a Finalist, reaching the Top 30 of the Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition 2014. Prior contest success for Collinson includes Creative World Awards, Fresh Voices, and the LA Page Awards.
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2017 Scriptapalooza Finalist

My screenplay titled My Son Sam, was a 2017 Scriptapalooza "Runner-up," placing in the top thirteen of over 3400 submissions.
read more »

Kevin Kwok Success' for Screenplay Mika

Kwok's Drama/Thriller Feature screenplay Mika was a Semifinalist in Scriptapalooza 2017, and in the top 15% Academy Nicholl Fellowship 2017.
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'Bring Me To The Light' Quarter Finalists Scriptapalooza 2017

Florica Cimpoies' script Bring Me To The Light was selected as a Quarter Finalist in Scriptalooza among 3,360 other screenplays.
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True Story of THE PERFECT 36 named Quarterfinalist

True Story of THE PERFECT 36, a quirky time travel script set in Nashville of 1920 during the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, has been named a 2019 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition Quarterfinalist.
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Scriptapalooza Shorts Category

A quarterfinalist in the Scriptapalooza SHORTS category, Luna is a bittersweet comedy of an imaginative little girl going through a mute phase. In the course of a day, she shows her exhausted mum and neurotic friend what’s important in the world:...
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BOUNDARY WATERS selected as semifinalist for the Austin Film Festival

Action-adventure drama BOUNDARY WATERS was selected as a semifinalist in the Feature Drama and Enderby categories of the Austin Film Festival. This comes on the heels of several other honors and recognitions for this screenplay, including being...
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TOP-30 Finalist Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition

George Vartosis' thriller feature BLACK EQUINOX was a Top 30 finalist in Scriptapalooza's Screenplay Competition. A maverick homicide detective discovers a shocking connection between himself and a series of gruesome murders when he realizes that...
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