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Dana Biscotti Myskowski's Thesis Script Won 4th Place in 2013 Contest

After a semifinalist finish the previous year for OUR FATHER'S DAIRY, Dana won fourth place with the feature script NIKI SWEET TALK MOVES, which tells the story of a woman who travels against her will to the chilly northern climes of Nunavut,...
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Escalante's DANTURU BIRDS FLY TO THE UNITED KINGDOM is a Quarterfinalist

"Danturu The Lost Birds" written by Lorena Escalante has been selected as Quarterfinalist  in the Shore Script Screenwriting Competition. "Danturu The Lost Birds is a childhood adventure story with a high commercial...
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Devonald's feature film, WASTED, reached the Shore Scripts 2014 Feature Semifinals. This follows the film's success in reaching the final of the BBC Writer's Room Script competition: "Lucy's relationship with her...
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SLAVE reaches Semi-Finals of 2014 Shore Scripts Contest

Eli's feature script, SLAVE, makes Semi-Finals of Shore Scripts Contest.  The same screenplay also made the Finals of the 35th Writemovies Contest this year, as well as the top 15% of The Academy Nicholl Fellowship.  COMMENTS FROM...
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SLAVE reaches Finals of 35th Writemovies Contest

Eli's feature script, SLAVE, makes the Finals of the 35th WCM Contest. The same screenplay also made the top 15% of The Academy Nicholl Fellowship this year, as well as the Semi-Finals of 2014 Shore Scripts Contest.   COMMENTS FROM...
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Dustin Bowcott, A Slave's Tale, a Semifinalist at Shore Scripts

Bowcott's controversial script, A Slave's Tale, documenting slavery as a whole while concentrating on black-on-white slavery during the early 19th Century along Africa's Barbary Coast, is a semifinalist at 2014 Shore Scripts.
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SLAVE reaches Finals of 35th WriteMovies Contest and Further Acclaim

SLAVE makes Finals of 35th WCM, top 15% of Academy Nicholl Fellowship, and Semis of 2014 Shore Scripts Contest.   COMMENTS FROM ACADEMY READER  “Let's start by saying this is violently sexual and graphic. That said; it's a...
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Eli Standing's SLAVE Does It Again

Continuing its successful run, Eli’s controversial feature script, SLAVE, about a beautiful young businesswoman that gets kidnapped by a BDSM Master to be trained as his personal sex slave and courtesan, lands another accolade. The...
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Autumn Stapleton-Laskey's GAIA Wins and Places in Multiple Contests

Screenplay, GAIA won 1st place in The Indie Gathering's sci-fi feature category (2014), 1st place in the World Series of Screenwriting's sci-fi category, was a quarterfinalist in Shore Script's 2014 screenplay contest. It was also a...
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Glenn Acosta's feature script "Redreamers" advances to semifinalist at the 2015 FilmMakers International.  This follows being quarterfinalist at the 2015 Shore Scripts.  "Redreamers" is a high...
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Awards & Recognitions

Not a bad past 4 months - My adventure Sci-Fi script Realm went from quarter-finalist from last years 'Screencraft' (BIFF) Residency Programme to 'Nashville Film Festival' semi-finalist, 2 more shorts I wrote have made finalist...
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 Tony Heaver-Wren's "Victor" has placed as a Quarter-Finalist in the Shore Scripts 2015 Feature contest.  This success for Tony Heaver-Wren's script, Victor, comes after a string of other placings for the drama...
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'Deep in the Amazon' by Will Hudson - Quarterfinals Shore Scripts 2016

Will Hudsons first feature "Deep in the Amazon" recently earned the honor of placing in the top 6% of all entries in the 2016 Shore Scripts competition. This is his first feature after previously only writing a short tv pilot. The...
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Ted Campbell's 'Unravelled' Shore Scripts 2017 Quarter-Finalist

Ted Campbell's psychological thriller Unravelled has made Shore Scripts 2017's Quarter-Finalist list.
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