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May 22, 2015

Great American Short Screenplay Contest


In seven (correctly formatted) pages or less, put your story on the page for a chance at a full-tuition scholarship to TheFilmSchool's flagship program, the 3-Week Screenwriting & Filmmaking Intensive in Seattle, WA (no travel provided).


Grand Prize - Full Scholarship to TheFilmSchool 3-Week Screenwriting and Filmmaking Intensive  ($2,995 value)

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  • Write your screenplay. This is the hardest step.
  • Review the contest rules (below).
  • Attach your entry in an email to All submissions must:
    • Include “Screenplay Contest Submission” in the subject.
    • Include your full name and phone number.
    • Include your screenplay as an attachment, correctly formatted as a pdf document.
    • Include a one paragraph synopsis of your screenplay (250 words or less)
    • You may also include a headshot to be posted (optional).
  • Wait 3-5 business days for your screenplay to be posted.
  • After you receive email confirmation that your script has been accepted, share and vote for your screenplay using the provided link
  • Short screenplays only.  Try to keep it within 5-7 pages.
  • Contest finalists will be determined by preliminary votes, shares, and pageviews.
  • Winner and runners up will be selected from the finalists based on writing quality.
    • Preliminary votes do not guarantee a winner or runner up position.
  • Only one screenplay may be submitted per person.
    • Any additional submissions by a single individual will be ignored.
  • Entries not adhering to the submission guidelines will be ignored.
  • Therefore: submit your best work. If it’s not your best, don’t submit it.


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