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Jan 31, 2018

U K Film Festival: 3 Minute Script Competition


Can you tell a complete screen story in 3 pages?

We champion great scripts but, in particular, we're seeking work from writers who may not yet have had the chance of a production or a prestigious public acknowledgement of their work.
In the heart of London, we celebrate cultural diversity and welcome writers from all over the world.
Working with our associates we continue our quest to unearth new talent and reinspire the more experienced scriptwriter.


As well as the associated publicity, the winning script will receive UK Film Festival Winner's Laurels and will be passed to various production companies for possible production. It should be noted that every year since the competition began the winning script has gone in to production or is now in pre-production. Three of the winning writers' resulting films have subsequently gone on to win film festivals around the world including 2 of them winning the Berlin Film Festival Crystal Bears for Best short Film in consequitive years - as well as Best in Fest at the Aesthetica Film Festival and the Siver Mikeldi at the Bilbao Film Festival. The films have been Official Selection in 36 other film festivals around the world.  
In addition, winners of the 3 Minute Script Competition will receive an InkTip Script Listing: This means a listing of your script on InkTip: Producers have made more than 300 films from scripts and writers they found through InkTip.

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  • ISA Introductory Feedback: (1-2 pages of notes): $30
  • ISA General Feedback: (2-3 pages of notes): $55
  • ISA Extensive Feedback: (5-6 pages of notes): $125

Feedback Type Description


In this industry, the first twenty pages can mean the difference between a "go picture" and a "go home and try again." Give your writers the advantage with a page (or two) introduction to their script from an outside perspective. We'll map out the direction of the screenplay thus far, and give advice to gently nudge them on the proper course.


Our most popular analysis. The writer will receive a personalized critique based on a thorough read-through of the entire script, up to 120 pages. Whether half-hour pilot or feature film, we'll note our thoughts on everything from the characters and dialogue to pacing, structure, and formatting, and even where the work fits in the marketplace.


Give your writers the in-depth insight of the ISA's working industry professionals. Our Readers will provide 5-6 pages of advanced notes, breaking down every moment and character arc, noting the subtleties that a writer may not have contemplated, and providing a next-level perspective that will empower screenwriters and help script achieve their full potential.


All scripts must be in English.


The results will be announced on facebook, twitter and the website at www.ukfilmfestival.com sometime in January 2018.


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