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Don't Be Funny, Be You: Your Voice & Selling Yourself


Don't Be Funny, Be You: Establishing Your Voice and Selling Yourself with Max Timm is an introduction to his course "Write an Amazing First Draft." This class is free and open to all.


In this 90 minute lecture/workshop you will learn how to sell yourself and your work within the crowded world of entertainment and writing. Focusing on what he calls your Voice Pressure Points and how to define your personal take on story and entertainment, Max will break down how your personal voice can be presented throughout your writing.


From your logline to the writing on the page, you are unique and your take on a particular story is wholly original compared to any other writer. Own your voice, own your writing, and jumpstart your writing career with this free workshop.



Max Timm is the Director of Community Outreach with the International Screenwriters' Association, and has over a decade of experience not only as an instructor, but in developing projects and supporting thousands of writers from A-list to novice. He is also the lead instructor for the ISA's live, weekly Master Class held in Los Angeles.

His focus with the ISA is to build a creative community and bring ISA writers closer to Industry Professionals, i.e. producers, managers, and agents. Recently he has helped build a development program with the ISA, submitting writers' projects on their behalf and helping them launch their careers - eight writers received options and representation in the past year because of Max's assistance and support.


A development consultant and screenwriting instructor, Max is also a screenwriter and published author. His debut novel, a young adult fantasy adventure titled The WishKeeper, about a teenage fairy with broken wings, won the young adult category of the 2015 Los Angeles Book Festival and can be found in all nationwide bookstores. Books Two and Three are slated for release in 2017 and 2018. Max has also served as a part-time instructor at UCLA, teaching high school students the history of film and television through their Summer Discovery Program.



Based off of the teachings from Max's popular podcast series, The Craft, the ISA launched The ISA Craft Courses in order to allow writers of any skill set and experience level to improve their craft, receive support on individual projects, and be part of an ever-growing community of top screenwriters.

If you're looking for a thorough, step-by-step process of fully developing your feature or TV screenplay, the ISA's Craft Courses are designed to not only teach you new practices, but explain the development process in a simple way.

Whether you're in New York, Los Angeles, Dublin or Sydney, this class will be available to you to begin at any time. Each week a new lesson with a set of chapters, with both written and audio lectures, will be made available to you. Find complete information on The ISA Craft Courses at


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