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Create Your Career w/ Veteran CAA Agent & Top TV Producer, Tony Krantz

One of the most well-connected guests we’ve had on yet, Tony Krantz joined us to talk about a number of things – so many of them we could have discussed even further in depth – but after working as an agent with CAA for 15 years, Tony went on to help create Imagine Television. From Imagine he moved on to direct his own films, and now he’s writing and developing major TV projects. A fascinating career, really. From packaging shows at CAA such as Twin Peaks, The West Wing, ER, and then producing the Fox mega-hit, 24, and so many others, Tony’s career is something most industry people dream of. He h

as been able to work at all levels of the industry and continues to focus on his artistic side through his new TV projects in development.

Probably one of the more enlightening aspects of this interview is Tony’s breakdown of how the TV industry is working right now, and comparing it to the feature and movie world. It’s an extremely exciting time with so many opportunities, and with Tony’s breakdown, we can see why the opportunities are there, especially in television.

Enjoy this interview, everyone, and a huge thank you to Tony for joining us. We wish him all the best on his future projects. And don’t forget, subscribe to Curious About Screenwriting on iTunes! By subscribing, you can be sure that all future episodes will be automatically downloaded for you, and while you’re there, feel free to rate us. Your opinion matters. Thanks so much for listening and enjoy our interview with Tony Krantz.

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