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Episode 10 - Protecting Your Material

It's important to note that it is rare for ideas and projects to be outright stolen. Far too many of us are far too worried about having their material ripped off, however it is a warranted worry and we understand that your material is your material and, yes, we should be protective of it. We've all heard the horror stories about an idea being taken by some big production company, etc etc. It rarely happens, but it does and really, we hate to break it to you, there isn't all that much we can do about it. BUT...with that being said, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your ideas, so it doesn't hurt to do so. Listen in and enjoy this episode of the ISA's Wine Wednesdays with Felicity Wren and Max Timm.

This is a podcast recording of the ISA's Facebook Live broadcast of Wine Wednesdays. Please note that some promotions offered during the live broadcast are not offered to the participants listening to the recording. We can, however, assist you if you wish to find out more information regarding ISA events, contests, or consulting offers. Just reach out to info@networkisa.org and we will be happy to help.

Join ISA staffers Max Timm and Felicity Wren for our regular Wine Wednesdays Facebook Live broadcast. We'll talk screenwriting and take your questions about the ISA and the art, craft, and business of writing screenplays, all while enjoying a nice glass (or two) of wine.

Subjects and themes change from week to week, so stay tuned for the live broadcasts that occur on most Wednesday evening at 7:00pm Los Angeles time. For a specific schedule and set of announcements, "Like" the ISA Facebook page and keep up to date.
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