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Jacob Krueger and How To Write a Webseries


"... as writers we can feel terrified. We have a blank page and it looks like the entire world is available, but if you start to put limitations on what you can do, you can create something bigger, because you focus in on what you really want to do and then you can make that one focused idea big...You want to just get all of it down, get it out, what is it this inner story is trying to say, let it be free, let it be big.

Web Series writing is about what you can do right now, right this second. Don’t let limitations stop you from making this, don’t let lack of money stop you from making this.

When we think about traditional television series, there are certain confines of the narrative structure. We have to be able to sustain a half-hour or an hour every week. But one of the things that I think is really exciting about Web Series is, because Web Series are so short, you can kind of blow the roof off the house...you have the freedom to do it your way."
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