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T V Comedy Essentials with Arrested Development Producer, Victor Hsu

What generates real comedy? Is there a secret recipe to making people laugh? Maybe it isn’t really a secret, but veteran TV producer, Victor Hsu, believes comedy is derived from honesty, emotional truth, and getting to the heart of a character’s reaction within relatable situations. Victor has produced some of the most memorable shows on TV, from first jumping in on MacGyver, to his work on the cult favorite, Freaks and Geeks, and winning a Primetime Emmy for Arrested Development, he continues to deliver not just quality entertainment, but memorable hits with the Billy Crystal and Josh Gad series, The Comedians (which I’m still sad was cancelled), to the Amazon series and critical success, Transparent.

I asked him what draws him to a show or project, or in other words, what gets him to say yes to something? His response was rather simple, but all of us writers out there, incredibly important: he said the script is the first thing he sees, and just about every decision is derived from that script and the writer’s ability to tell a great story with memorable characters. This is an empowering interview with one of the best in the business, so I truly hope all of you writers out there are taking note. This industry does not have an impenetrable wall around it. You can break in, and you can find success. Just be persistent, don’t worry about having a plan B, and put your nose to that proverbial grindstone and get to work.

This interview is hosted by the ISA’s Director of Community Outreach, Max Timm. Max is the author of the fantasy novel, The WishKeeper, and he heads the ISA’s development program, supporting our members in a direct and meaningful way.

And don’t forget to rate this interview on iTunes, and feel free to share it with your friends. The ISA is dedicated to supporting writers in every way possible, and these free podcasts are just one way to inspire the next generation of A-listers.  Enjoy.

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