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The Craft: Sequence 1, We Need A Hero, with Max Timm

Hello! Max Timm here, from the ISA. Most of you know me from the Curious About Screenwriting podcasts that I host for the International Screenwriters' Association. As you can tell from the name of this little podcast series, I am launching my first solo podcast mission. While I usually bring on a writer, producer, executive, or some kind of entertainment professional to interview, this podcast will be a little different. It'll just be me spouting words of advice, tips on the craft of writing - hence the title of the podcast - and possibly talking about some cool entertainment news.

In this episode, and the following 11 episodes, I am going to break down what should be happening in your script per 10 page sequence. This is breaking it down formulaicly, of course, but if you learn and master the formula, you can change it and alter it to fit your own needs and devices. We are starting with Sequence #1 - Main Character Stage of Life. An advertisement for your main character, Sequence #1 is crucial in that a reader will give you about 5-10 pages to hook them...and it's no coincidence that the hook needs to include your hero.

So let's get started! Stay tuned for new episodes every week, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter @iMaxTimm, on Instagram @InstaMax9, and you can find me on Facebook through my author page, Maximilian Timm. I am also releasing my first novel in the early summer of this year, so please visit my website to learn more about my young adult fantasy novel, The WishKeeper here: www.wishkeeperbook.com

Now on to the lesson... 

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