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Treating Your Screenwriting Career Like a Business with Alexis Fedor

Alexis Fedor's mission is to help artists of all disciplines build businesses that thrive in any market under any circumstances.

Aside from working as writer and performance artist in New York City with some of the best theater and dance companies, as well as film and television, Alexis has worked as a business developer for the last six years, helping businesses worth between $2 and $5 million grow their revenue both online and offline. As a result of the marketing plans she has designed for my clients, she's helped them bring in over $1,000,000.00 in revenue over the last three years.

Alexis has also mentored with some of the most talented and successful business owners in New York City who have helped shape the basis of my core business philosophy, which has enabled her to design a unique method of coaching, teaching and mentoring artists to build successful businesses.

Fedor intends to help every artist implement a profit plan that both aligns with their vision for their art and is suited for their unique business model and their lifestyle. So for each of my courses, free resources, and one-on-one coaching I have a three-step approach that works to achieve this:

It’s important that every artist receives the exact guidance they need for their specific situation. So she works together with artists to make sure they have what they need to get started on the right foot. This podcast and interview sheds light on how to approach yourself as the CEO of your business...not just a mere employee.
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