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ISA's Third Thursdays - New Orleans (Big Easy Writers)


We're back!  Join us for ISA's Third Thursdays in New Orleans! We'll have special industry guests for you to meet and door prizes to win. Join us for this fun evening of socializing, and let's build a community of screenwriters! This event is sponsored by Your Script Produced!

 This event is free and open to all. Producers, directors, actors and all other members of the film and television community are encouraged to attend.

WHEN: Thursday, May 16th, 7 PM 
WHERE: 600 Carondelet St, New Orleans, LA 70130 - Rooftop Bar

Door prizes for night include: 

  • One paperback book, Dr. Format Tells All by Dave Trottier of Keep Writing 
  • One e-book, I Made A Short Film, Now WTF Do I Do With It by Clarissa Jacobson
  • $30 off your choice of a 14-point analysis or a master evaluation from Dave Trottier and Keep Writing

Plus $5 off entry fee from Cinequest for EVERY attendee! 

Please note: you must register in advance through the ISA web site to be included in the drawing for door prizes. You must be present to win door prizes. 

Special Guest:  Walter Williams

Innovations in comedy and technology have been the hallmarks of Walter Williams' career. That's as true of the first Mr. Bill short (which he created 45 years ago for under $20) as it is of the digital desktop studio he used to create a one-hour PBS documentary entitled "New Orleans - The Natural History" as well as dozens of documentaries about New Orleans and restoring Louisiana's wetlands.  Williams, a New Orleans' native, was 17 when he discovered Super-8 film. "Fortunately, I had no aptitude for anything, so Med School was out of the question." He started making his own comedy movies and showing them in local clubs and bars, which led to his own UHF-TV show in New Orleans. When "Saturday Night Live," still in its incandescent infancy, put out a call for home movies in '75, Williams submitted his reel and launched Mr. Bill on national TV.

Williams followed his mutilated little creation to New York, where he made more films for SNL and did standup at the Improv. After three seasons, Lorne Michaels hired him as a full-time staff writer, and filmmaker, responsible not only for the 20-plus Mr. Bill skits he did from 1978 through 1980, but for other sketches and films as well, including "Elvis Presley's Coat." Williams left when Michaels and the rest of the original cast exited in 1980.

Since then, he's continued to build his own career and Mr. Bill's, working with live actors whenever possible to establish himself as something other than the premier Play-doh director. He's written screenplays and directed hundreds of shorts and shows for television, including "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," and directed the Fox show "TV," conceived by fellow SNL alum, Michael O'Donoghue, which starred Rutger Hauer, Kelly Lynch and Brian Keith.

Williams launched a successful commercial directing career with the "Pizza Head" character he created for a national Pizza Hut TV campaign. Over four years, the 20 spots became so popular with kids that a Mr. Bill tape sent to a friend's son caused him to declare it "a Pizza Head take-off." He has also directed national Mr. Bill campaigns for Mastercard, Wonderful Pistacios, Lexus, Burger King, Ramada Inn and others.

Over the decades, Williams has taken advantage of the dramatic advances in technology, allowing him to create digital, broadcast-quality shows, BluRay and DVD disks, doing the video editing, sound mix, music, CG animation, titles, graphics, all on his digital desktop. His company, Dreamsite Productions, Inc., has authored and encoded DVDs and BluRay disks for mass release.

In addition to comedy, Williams has recently currently focused on documentaries and educational DVDs. As a result of his New Orleans documentary he was enlisted to create ten Public Service Announcements featuring Mr. Bill and a group of creatures called the Estuarians who are out to save Louisiana’s wetlands. They can be viewed at Since Katrina, Williams has been documenting the recovery and is working on a new film about “How” to restore the wetlands. He also recently completed interactive DVDs for The Historic New Orleans Collection on the Battle of New Orleans, Free People of Color and other subjects to accompany their exhibits, for the LA Philharmonic Orchestra and a documentary about the history of lighting in New Orleans for Bevolo Gas Lights. These can also be viewed at

From 2011- 2016 Walter produced a series of public service films for Terrebonne Parish. His current passion project is a 5 season 50 episode dramatic series called "Crescent City" which takes place in New Orleans between 1958 and 1963 and follows, among other story lines, the plot to kill Kennedy, the civil rights movement and history of rock and roll.


Your Host: David Margulis  

David Margulis is a credited Writer, Producer, Director and Location Manager. Dave studied Directing at NYU and writing at UCLA and is dedicated to independent films and production. Often working on studio pictures but always welcoming independent films.

Dave has enjoyed success with the emergence of Louisiana becoming a first choice for film production. David works on large studio projects as a Location Manager and Scout, assisting Directors and Producers to see their scripts come to life by presenting visceral locations for their film to be shot. Among other large studio films, David scouted, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button. 




Event Sponsors

Your Script Produced! is a Worldwide Screenwriting Competition sponsored by Doval Bacall Films. The sponsor will fully fund, develop, package and produce the Grand Prize winning film script for $250,000.00 USD.  Open to anyone 18 years old or older across the world.

Cinequest Voted Best Film Festival by USA Today Readers, the 2019 edition of Cinequest will do as much with Film & Technology as ever while expanding to include additional creative experiences such as virtual and augmented realities, fashion, writing, television, dance, art & design, a creativity summit, and more! Cinequest presents over 130 World and U.S. premiere films, groundbreaking innovations, virtual and augmented reality experiences--plus fashion, writing, dance, art, and design integrations. Picture The Possibilities by Cinequest holds its annual Creativity Summit during the Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival as well. Over 1,100 artists, innovators, and youth present from over 50 countries each year.

Dave Trottier and Keep Writing  Trottier, author of The Screenwriter’s Bible, has sold or optioned ten screenplays (three produced) and helped hundreds of writers sell their work and break into the biz. He is an award-winning teacher, in-demand script consultant, and friendly host of

I Made A Short Film Now WTF Do I Do With It is jam-packed with hard-earned knowledge, tips, and secrets on how to enter film festivals, promote your movie… and SUCCEED!  The book covers everything from what festivals to submit to, how to maximize your money, secure an international presence, deal with rejection, gain publicity, harness the power of social media, what a sales rep does, and much more.  Included are exclusive filmmaker discounts on services/products from the festival platform, Reelport, subtitling company, Captionmax, and promo merchandisers, Medias Frankenstein and The Ink Spot.  Clarissa Jacobson created, wrote and produced the highly-acclaimed short, LUNCH LADIES, which went to over one hundred film festivals, won thirty-eight awards, and was distributed all over the world.

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On May 16, 2018 Shelley Krawchuk said:
Please post time of the event



Write your reply
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officially, 7Pm till-

600 Corondelet St nola

Alto rooftop Bar!


Bring a friend and discuss all things media-  And writing, of course-

On April 19, 2018 Michael Pejsach said:
I’ll be there....where? Address?



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So now we are at the Ace Hotel, 600 Corondelet St



7PM -

Come to the event this month  -- Uptown - 733 Cherokee Street.


On April 19, 2018 Robyn Nolting said:
Hi there-local professional actor and burgeoning screenwriter looking to develop my own screenplays.  I may not be able to make it tonight-have an audition to film that is due tomorrow.  When is your next one?  Not sure how often your series will continue to meet and really wish to network with local writers.



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An so Im reaching out with our new set up at the Acer Hotel every Third Thursday!

Alto roof top bar

600 Corondelet St


Next event is this month August 16th.

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