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Development Slate Evaluation


The ISA Development Slate is quickly becoming the fastest path for writers to get their work in front of high-level Agents, Managers and Producers. The slate is typically "invitation only" but on a limited time basis we are accepting applications. Submit your best screenplay for evaluation/feedback and consideration onto the Development Slate.

All submissions
will first be considered by ISA-Certified Script Readers, experienced industry professionals with a variety of success in screenwriting, producing, and literary management. You'll receive five pages of notes regardless of acceptance onto the slate. The notes we provide are here to empower you to improve your work based on our team's well-informed perspective and how it relates to the structure and technique contained within your script. We are not here to praise you. We strive to give you something more, something that you can use to propel your script to the front of the line.

If your work rates high enough by our readers, it will advance to be reviewed by the Director of Development, Felicity Wren and the Director of Education and Outreach, Max Timm. If they accept it, you will immediately be invited onto the slate and your project will be submitted to ISA approved agents, managers, production companies, producers and more, at no additional cost to you. Our focus will be to get you meetings. We feel that our top writers should be in every room around town, so it is our goal to present our Development Slate writers to the industry's movers and shakers. 

The ISA works with companies like Lionsgate, the BBC, Eclectic Pictures, ICM, CAAFreckle Films and more.

Every application will be rated and considered for inclusion onto the ISA’s Development Slate but there are no guarantees of acceptance. If your work is not accepted, we urge you to take our notes and apply them. Then, if you like, you may resubmit your edited work to the program at a reduced fee. 

Accepted writers will remain on the slate for one full calendar year (starting on the date of your acceptance). That year will include ongoing support and feedback on old and new material, and updates on where we submit your work.

Submit new material or older projects that are ready to go to market. 

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On December 29, 2018 Gerardo Mendez said:
I am working in a screenplay but I need to go back and do some fixes after I read some of the issues to make it right. I was hoping that someone can help me to tell this story with basically is a fiction story. The only way I get in contact is from this, happen to be that I am in a cyber to check my messages and also, I have an old cell phone. I used to have a new one but, by an accident, it broke. Anyway, I would really appreciate the someone will be able to show me a opinion and guide that I can make it right. Nothing for the moment, I will thank you for you time and patience and for the future, have a great and wonderful year. HAPPY NEW YEAR.  



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