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Inspirational short script for film production

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My name is Isaiah Smith, and I am a filmmaker.  I work with a select group of people producing short films.  Our goal is to work our way up to producing feature films. We have a short film, currently in the last stages of post-production, due to release in July.  We're unable to show the film at this time, but here is the link to our 'Making of the Film' video - http://vimeo.com/66473282


We are ready to embark on another film project.  We're looking for a short script (20 pages max) that is powerful and inspirational.  We're looking for a script that leaves the audience with a desire to do better in their personal lives.  A script that motivates and influences people to be better individuals in the world.


I'm no writer.  An inspirational script in 20 pages may be next to impossible to do; I don't know.  You guys are the professionals.  I'm simply suggesting what we desire to produce.     


There's no specific genre - action, horror, romance, mystery, etc. (except no comedy please).  We're not picky as long as we love the story and the message.  All we ask is for the script to be clean.  Please, no cursing or lewdness.


Once the script is selected, we'll run a short (maybe 30 days) crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds for the project.  Compensation for the script will come from the funds raised.


Lastly, we don't want a script that will cost a small fortune to shoot.  The perfect script will be something with minimal locations and few actors that can be produced for $20,000 or less.


We're filmmakers making the world a better place one film at a time.  We look forward to your submissions!  Thanks :-)


Submissions can be sent to Isaiah.Smith46@yahoo.com


Also, feel free to check these websites for more info about who we are collectively.

Meet Isaiah Smith __ https://vimeo.com/isaiahsmith

Meet Les Gaddis __ http://www.gaddisvisuals.com/

Meet Harmini __ http://www.harminiproductions.com/