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Writer wanted for Faith-Based Drama Feature Concept

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I am looking for help from you. I have a true life story to tell, for which, I’m in the process of writing a book. At the same time, I’d like to connect with a screenwriter who would be able to develop it into a feature script. It's very powerful and has a message about the importance of being strong and I having faith, to find confidence through God.


Below you will see what I went through and still I'm thankful to be alive today:

I never knew I was going to be homeless. I was in a serious relationship. I thought we were in love and happy. We traveled the world together and had great times. In September of 2015 I broke my foot and had to be on bed rest. After a month, I lost my job. The man I saw seeing began treating me so badly it sent me into a deep depression. After recovery, the job search didn’t go well. It was as if they were seeing the depression written on my face.


I was homeless for a long time. One day someone broke my car and took all of our food. I have reached out to everyone you can think of for help everyone said no. I pulled through depression by praying and yoga. I run for depression, I run because I couldn't afford a gym, I run to save my mind, I run for my daughter, I run for myself. My mind was on the verge of leaving me completely. I was in shock of how my life changed when I got sick, how happy I was and it all fell apart when I broke my foot.


Now I want to make a movie and people can get a message. I want to strive for success! I want to show my daughter the sky is our limit. I want to show the kids of the future that no matter what happens, as long as you have faith and you believe - miracles can happen. Women can do well as men.