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We are looking for African American comedy drama with a Madea feel to it. We want stories  that take a light hearted exploration of issues that African American families face and the quirks and pains that make up the characteristics of these families.  Themes of love, spirituality and unity should be strong with the story.  Should your script be suitable, we would option it based on mutually agreed upon terms. We will purchase any scripts that really stand out. Any additional material such as series bibles are welcome.


We are a very active international production company, creating and releasing original content regularly. With our headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, and a second office in Melbourne Australia, our company has been creating exciting and engaging content in every genre with a commitment to editorial originality and compelling stories since 2007. We deliver this with an energetic script development team and a unique company profile that has one simple pre-requisite: break new boundaries to consistently deliver Global African Excellence to the world.