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Need Co-Writer for Dramatic Biopic Feature (the Life of Amrita Sher-Gil)

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I have a draft for a feature, based on the life of artist Amrita Sher Gil. Here's a brief description from her Wiki page:

"Amrita Sher-Gil (30 January 1913 – 5 December 1941) was an eminent painter, called "one of the greatest avant-garde women artists of the early 20th century" and a pioneer in modern Indian art.  She first gained recognition at the age of 19 for her oil painting entitled Young Girls (1932).  She traveled to countries including Turkey, France, and India, deriving heavily from their art styles and cultures.  Sher-Gil's paintings are among the most expensive by Indian women painters today, although few acknowledged her work when she was alive. Her letters reveal same-sex affairs. In 1941, at age 28, just days before the opening of her first major solo show in Lahore, she became seriously ill and slipped into a coma. She soon died, leaving behind a large volume of work. The reason for her death has never been ascertained."

I've completed several drafts, but it still needs improvement to reach that next level for production considerations. I'm looking to work with someone who's interested in telling Amrita's story. I need someone who can contribute strong character development in terms of arc, obstacles and growth as this is a weakness with the current draft. Experience adapting true stories, balancing dramatic narrative and historical fact is a plus. 

I think there's great potential with this work due to her colorful life, the exotics of India and Europe and her wide-ranging passions from art, music, writing and her love for both men and women. The theme explores what an artist is willing to do to achieve artistic immortality and when have they gone too far in the quest. The work will also explore the cultural and societal challenges an Indian woman faces to become her own person in 1930's India and Paris while India's Independence Movement against the British Raj parallels her own struggles for artistic expression.

You will get co-writing credit and if it sells, we will share in the profits. Please submit a resume, cover letter and sample for consideration.

Thank you for your time and I appreciate your interest!