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Co-Writer Wanted for Family-Based Action Adventure Comedy Feature

Paid Gig
The writing department at Chakrra is looking for a co-writer to join our writing team in developing a previously-written short, into a feature.  Our team also consists of scriptwriters and dedicated dialogue writers/translators as this story is being developed for a feature in a foreign language.

The primary target audience are children between 3 and 12 years across the globe, but we wish to keep their other family members equally engaged and entertained. Most collaboration will take place over WebEx/Skype/Conference calls etc. and during work hours (9 AM to 3 PM EDT/EST), after hours (8 to no-later-than 10 PM EDT/EST) and on the weekends for a couple of hours at mutually acceptable times. Our goal is to keep online meetings to less than an hour for each sitting. We’re negotiable with meeting dates and times. All of us wear multiple hats in this project and we need someone who can focus on and independently develop our idea into a full-blown feature.
An ideal candidate would be someone who has written, but not necessarily sold, a feature screenplay in the same genre. You will be working with the lead writer/producer/director to develop the story further from where we have paused. Automobile enthusiasts/hobbyists have a HUGE advantage. Most importantly, we need someone who is IMAGINATIVE, CREATIVE, AND able to SEE HUMOR IN MUNDANE EVERYDAY LIFE/ROUTINE ACTIVITIES, and who is a natural with humor who can make a connection with our audience. You should be able to collaborate on a call at least twice a week, but likely more often at the start, as we work together to find our direction. Character development is also an important part of your work with us. Please submit samples of you earlier work for consideration.

You should be flexible to review/edit the final draft during storyboarding and while we put together our shot list. Final Draft is our preferred screenwriting software and we would like anyone on the team to have their own copy for ease of workflow.

We will start writing the feature screenplay right after we finalize the story for the feature. Payment will be deferred Screen credits assured.