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Short Film Scripts with Visual Effects Wanted for Festival

Paid Gig

Hello!  I am one half of directing duo Safe & Dangerous. We are keen to make a short film for the festival circuit and to showcase our capabilities in filmmaking and visual effects.  We are looking for a short film idea, 10 minutes long or less. My preference would be a story with science and technology and the effects of them on the human experience. I guess Black Mirror could be a good reference.

That said if you have a great idea I'm happy to hear anything. Please do get in touch with your loglines or synopsisPlease ONLY submit through the ISA web site.

We are planning to shoot something in the early part of next year, and if we choose your idea we would like to get your input during the process of creating it, if you want to be involved.

Many thanks for your time!

~Richard Payne