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Original Hour-Long TV Pilots Wanted for ISA Verified Company

Paid Gig

You do NOT need to be WGA to apply. 

Our production team is looking for unique hour-long pilot scripts in almost any genre (not animation or fantasy). Non-WGA and unsigned writers welcome to submit! Preferred genres include: Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Horror, Mystery, Suspense and Thriller. We want to pitch your strongest pilot concept to our industry contacts and will absolutely include you as a writer and Executive Producer of the show. However, we cannot guarantee, and you should not expect, to be the Showrunner unless you can prove you have experience developing or writing for a major show.

Please do not submit if you have not thought through or outlined your show with a complete 5-7 year run. The rest of the pilot season's episodes do not need to be written; nor is it required to have attachments but we are seeking talented writers who will confidently be able to thoroughly present their idea, characters and the longevity of the series to television executives. 

Very big bonus to writers and projects with a pedigree. In other words, if your project or you/yourself have won or placed highly in multiple contests or fellowships, or have been produced in the past, please notate that when submitting (it is not a hindrance if you have not).

We are an inclusive company and are especially interested in collaborating with diverse voices with one of a kind stories from unique perspectives. Originality is what counts most and all are welcome to submit.

When submitting, please include a synopsis and thoroughly developed logline – please do not only write a tag line or tiny TV Guide blurb. We want to know your concept, main character and hook within the logline. We will narrow our selection from the synopsis and logline then request scripts. Please do not submit a script or reach out to us through the Creative Screenwriting site. You will immediately be disqualified.

Selected scripts will be considered for an option agreement with a payment based on the budget and payable upon production, plus the writer will receive previously mentioned credits and a piece of the backend when sold or in production. 

We look forward to reading your submissions.