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Seeking Writing Partner for Action Buddy Film

Paid Gig

I am seeking a writing partner to write a feature-length action script in the concept of Red Heat, Die Hard 3 etc. Think the at times amusing, yet highly exciting action movies of the 80s and 90s. 

The concept revolves around a British MI5 agent who is partnered with a female American CIA agent to help with hunting down an Irish war criminal wanted by The Hague who has fled to America, and through his contacts within the Irish mafia and a corrupt senior CIA operative intends to reignite the Northern Irish conflict. 

As the two agents work together, the cultural differences between the duo clash from things like differing vocabulary, habits and where their countries stand in the world. 

If interested, please send a writing sample, a little bit about yourself including any works that may have been produced or details of any competitions or awards you may have won.