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ISA Vetted Producer Seeks Horror Shorts

Paid Gig

We are looking to produce a unique HORROR SHORT FILM with CREATURES, MONSTERS or BODY HORROR. We have a talented, vetted and award-winning team who are great with effects/makeup/prosthetics and practical effects that we want to shine a light on. Perfect for fans of 80s, Carpenter-or-Cronenberg-esque horror.

We want the creature to mean something thematically. Think “The Babadook,” “The Descent,” “Gremlins,” or early Cronenberg, like “The Fly”. Can be comedic too, or have camp, B-movie quality like “The Toxic Avenger.” Basically, we are open to various tones and atmospheres, as long as it serves the creature and themes.

This should be no longer than 7-10 pages (the shorter, the better), with minimal locations and actors. The star should be the effects and creature design.

This can also be a long scene or proof-of-concept from a feature or TV pilot! Just be sure to include a fully developed logline and synopsis for the longer project.

Shorts are used as a showcase piece so we don’t anticipate earning any money upfront but will happily share backend as deferred compensation if the film should sell. TBD. Also, you will get a professionally produced "Written By" screen credit, IMDb listing with a financed production company and copy of the completed film. Most importantly, we have lots of festival demand due to the team’s last short playing and winning awards at fests the world over.