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Looking for a Dramedy Buddy Feature Script

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I am a Producer/Director looking for a feature length dramedy script that leans more into comedy in the style of a Judd Apatow film along the lines of SIDEWAYS starring Paul Giamatti.

The concept should revolve around two main male characters in their 40s -buddies trying to get through challenges of life. Lost love, divorce, or death of a loved one, etc

One of the main characters has lost his joy for life and attempts to take his life. 

Any unique ideas related to the above are welcomed.

Script requirements - Minimal locations which can include: 

  • Full suburban home with yard/fire pit 
  • NYC apartment 
  • Restaurant/bar 
  • Motel rooms
  • therapist office
  • Pharmacy
  • hair salon
  • beach
  • horse stable
  • Fishing boat
  • cars 
  • swimming pool
  • Exteriors - parks/bridges/parking lots/gas stations/train stations/nyc streets/sidewalks
  • small cast - 6-12
  • We are only looking for scripts set in suburban home/locations in NY and NYC exteriors  
  • This will be a low budget film in the $100,000 area so will need to be created with a budget friendly mindset. 

Please submit samples.

Thank you