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Seeking Two-Male Buddy Comedy Movie

Paid Gig
Producer looking for a feature length comedy script; think 40 Year Old Virgin or The Hangover. Wacky and slightly raunchy. The concept should revolve around two main male characters: one African-American character (Eddie Murphy type) and one heavy set Italian character (Guido type) both 35-45 yrs old.  Any unique ideas related to the above are welcomed.  

Looking for minimal locations which can include:
  • Full suburban home with yard/fire pit 
  • NYC apartment
  • Restaurant/bar
  • Motel rooms
  • Therapist office
  • Pharmacy
  • Hair salon
  • Beach
  • Horse stable
  • Fishing boat
  • Cars 
  • Swimming pool
  • NYC Subway stations/train stations

Producer is only looking for scripts set in suburban home/locations in NY with NYC exteriors. This will be a low budget film in the $100,000 area so will need to be created with a "budget-friendly" mindset. Please submit samples to be considered.