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International Producer Seeking Caribbean Writers

Paid Gig
International Producer seeking Caribbean writers for upcoming projects in TV. Genre writers preferred (especially drama, thriller, horror, sci-fi, comedy). 

The producer has access to major studios and is looking for talented writers to lend authenticity to upcoming shows or even review original projects from the writer.

Please submit a Cover Letter (introducing yourself and anything relevant to the mandate), Resume (highlighting any significant awards) and Writing Samples.

All unique and original voices welcome to apply! We support diversity across voices and creators, so we strongly encourage BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and female writers to submit. Union and non-union writers accepted

NOTE: An “ISA Verified Pro” means it is a respected industry professional/company with means to fund projects that suit their mandate. They wish to remain private and have entrusted the ISA to vet and find content to send to them.

Submit By: Sep 28, 2021