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The ISA Seeks Talented Readers

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We are seeking experienced and insightful script readers to provide feedback for multiple screenplay competitions.  Your task will be to provide focused criticism geared towards helping the writer improve their material.

As the ISA provides a variety of options for writers, feedback length will vary from one to five pages. After an initial trial period, you will be able to design your own preferred assignment, taking on what best fits your broader work schedule.

Advancement is possible. We consider readers to be genuine team members. Just as we ask you to be enthusiastic and insightful for each reader whose work you will read, we want to match that commitment by offering advice and resources.


Must have at least 1 full year doing a high volume of coverage or feedback for a consultant service, screenwriting competition, or in a production office. An understanding of narrative structure, artistic nuance, the needs of the market, and how those three elements interrelate is essential. Strong communication skills, with an understanding of how to simultaneously critique and encourage a writer, is also key.

Must be willing and able to accept funds through Paypal.

Please send a resume and two feedback samples as .pdf attachments. Please do not submit your screenplays.

All applicants will be required to perform one test read before advancing to the second stage of consideration.

We look forward to reading your notes!

Submit By: Jul 03, 2022